don't give a hoot

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not give a hoot (about something)

To not care in the slightest (about something); to attach no importance to something. I don't give a hoot about making money, I just want to do something with my life that helps other people. I haven't given a hoot for the show ever since they killed off my favorite character.
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don’t give a hoot

tv. don’t care at all. (Folksy.) She doesn’t give a hoot if you go into town without her.
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The owl song is called "Don't Give a Hoot" and pre-schoolers might also want to rock along to "Mr.
New York dance audiences don't give a hoot about good choreography; it's great dancing that floats their boats.
Last week's winner, for the picture below was ``Rachel from Abergele'' with: ``I don't give a hoot if I don't make page 3.I'm just cute...agree?''
Prospective students don't give a hoot about the school's internal organization.
This wonderful council of ours just don't give a hoot.
The rest of us, generally speaking, don't give a hoot.