don't get up

(please) don't get up

A phrase said to one who is seated but eager to stand to help someone or show them respect. Oh, I can get myself another glass of water, please don't get up. Gentlemen, don't get up—there's no need for that kind of pomp here.
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(Please) don't get up.

Please, there is no need to rise to greet me or in deference to me. Mary approached the table to speak to Bill. Bill started to push his chair back as if to rise. Mary said, "Don't getup. I just want to say hello." Tom (rising): Hello, Fred. Good to see you. Fred (standing): Don't get up. How are you?
See also: get, up
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"Tink," he rapped out, "if you don't get up and dress at once I will open the curtains, and then we shall all see you in your negligee [nightgown]."
At home, if I don't get up from my computer for my walk at noon, I'd work straight through lunch without realizing it." Sometimes, she also returns to her computer at midnight when an idea pops into her head.