not feel (oneself)

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not feel (oneself)

To not feel physically or mentally well; to not feel as one normally should. I'm sorry for getting upset at you earlier. I just don't feel myself today. I know Mary hasn't felt herself ever since her cousin died.
See also: feel, not

not feeling oneself

 and not feel like oneself
Fig. to feel upset, troubled, or disturbed in some way. I'm sorry I said what I said. I'm not feeling myself today.
See also: feeling, not

not feel yourˈself

not feel as healthy, happy, etc. as you usually feel: I don’t feel myself this morning; I think I’ll stay at home.
See also: feel, not
References in classic literature ?
"Why, you don't feel yourself going, and Nature takes the trouble to spread herself out before one's eyes!"
"If you have got a feeling something isn't right or you don't feel yourself then ask for help." Kathy and husband Paul, 36, were supported by Northern Ireland's premature baby charity.
"You don't feel yourself. It felt like I was drained of energy and didn't really want to do anything.
Don't clock-watch and panic if you don't feel yourself drifting off.
up so you don't feel yourself suffering humiliations the heartless
"You go through difficult times and periods when you don't feel yourself and you wonder whether it's ever going to come back.