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She said: "They can contact us if there's a problem -- as long as they don't call us in for work.
And we were like, no uncle, we're just 16-year-old students, don't call us that.
After the tour, don't call us back, feigning interest in how we're doing, to ask us how our search is going or whether we've made a decision.
Please don't call us to confirm, we don't provide service in other countries, please cooperate,'' a post on the agency's Facebook page read.
Don't call us more people took steps to treat themselves A&E visits could be halved.
Mr Pithie added: "Much as we appreciate how distressing a pipe burst inside the home is for customers, like frozen pipes, this isn't something that Severn Trent can help with, so please, don't call us about it.
They don't call us trained killers for nothing and it sounds like 'Bob' and his buddies need a little more than counselling.
Editor's note: The article entitled "Please don't call us 'seniors'" on page 11 of the March issue of the Wenatchee Business Journal resulted in the following letters on the topic.
The biggest problem we really have as servicers [is that] borrowers don't call us [when there's a problem].
As the Coliseum's prospects for landing an NFL team inch along, its governors have a message for anyone wanting to talk about who will end up there: Don't call us, call the NFL.
You hear a different tone in people's voices when you call up about jobs and they ask your age and then you know it's don't call us, we'll call you.
You are Mother Dearest Mother Fairest precisely because of the Sunseed: We respect honor admire love You, for the Sunshine of your style; But--meanwhile-- Don't call us.
But don't call us Ghostbusters, we are not out to destroy sprits, we want to monitor and find proof.
Heck, they don't call us the "$ensible" Sound for nothing: Here's a clear case of bargain upon bargain.
Our job is specifically to make NRLC even more accessible to grassroots people to the point where if they don't call us, they won't be surprised if we call them (and we do).