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You can call us wrong, but don't call us weasels," Comey said.
Sunseekers, get your bookings in now for next year's jolly with Not Really British Lost Luggage Don't Call Us We'll Call You Airways.
As they say, don't call us, we'll call you," he said.
Even if you don't call us every time, keep a record of dates, times and descriptions.
They don't call us normal but we feel more normal than normal people because we don't let anything bring us down.
She said: "They can contact us if there's a problem -- as long as they don't call us in for work.
They don't call us wage slaves for nothing, you know.
And we were like, no uncle, we're just 16-year-old students, don't call us that.
Please don't call us to confirm, we don't provide service in other countries, please cooperate,'' a post on the agency's Facebook page read.
Don't call us more people took steps to treat themselves A&E visits could be halved.
We don't worry a lot about it as long as they don't call us late to dinner.
She has a bachelor's in English Literature from Queens College-CUNY and is the author of Don't Call Us Molls: Women of the John Dillinger Gang.
Besides, they don't call us road warriors for nothing--hauling a computer from place to place is a sign of manhood.
Editor's note: The article entitled "Please don't call us 'seniors'" on page 11 of the March issue of the Wenatchee Business Journal resulted in the following letters on the topic.
Seven hundred thousand cases later, they don't call us crazy anymore.