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"If you don't ask questions you will learn nothing.
will venture on delicate ground, madam, don't ask me to accompany you."
"I don't ask that," pleaded Jekyll, laying his hand upon the other's arm; "I only ask for justice; I only ask you to help him for my sake, when I am no longer here."
I don't ask for your love--I will be content with your affection and regard.
"Don't ask me to play Nibs with you again," he said to Philip.
I want to ask you a question.' Affery immediately replied, 'For goodness sake don't ask me nothing, Arthur!
I'm willing to be your financial manager, Tom Swift, but please don't ask me to be a high-brow.
Tom groaned out: "Oh, I don't know; don't ask me such awful questions."
"Please take it," says I, "and don't ask me noth- ing -- then I won't have to tell no lies."
I don't ask you whether she is handsome or no; perhaps she is not; that's nothing to the purpose; but do you know of any lady?" "La, madam," cries Honour, "you will make a very bad examiner.
'No matter what it means, don't ask, don't speak, don't think about it.
Cheese, Kenny, Ducky (DON'T ASK), Meemo (AGAIN, DON'T ASK), Penzie (Seriously, just don't ask about any of these), and Meemo-Penzie.
Don't ask: "Do you have any mental or physical disabilities?" Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, you can't ask about health, mental or physical disabilities, or drug and alcohol addictions.
“Military service, gay identity, and the intersection of those worlds are at the center of my young adult novel 'Don't Ask.'”
Women Don't Ask; the High Cost of Avoiding Negotiation--and Positive Strategies for Change