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The Dai-Ichi Katei Denki and Sogo Denki stores to be converted into Don Quijote-style stores will be given the large discounter's brand names of ''Don Quijote'' or ''Picasso,'' the companies said.
Many DONs said they would leave their positions if they could but there aren't as many options in the rural areas," said Winters.
Also new this year is a DON "Innovation Update" that demonstrated how DON personnel can help nurture innovative concepts through the phases of prototyping to fielding.
El cortejo femenino, al que Jean Rousset llama grupo femenino y es, junto al heroe y al muerto, una invariante del mito donjuanesco, le es imprescindible a Don Juan.
I could tell Don was shocked by my response, but I assured him I was perfectly fine with his request.
theory," the dark-haired Don Juan has had his ups and downs.
The respect Don commanded from IRS colleagues and clients was amazing.
That board, which includes many of the same members as the OPB, oversees DoN classified programs and reviews our audit plan in that area.
Don Pedro was always admitted to our family medicine inpatient services.
IT'S LITTLE WONDER THAT DON BOSCO WOULD LOOK AT A field of children playing and see God's promise playing out before him.
Jeb is 62, Gerald is 60 and Don is 59; two other partners are in their early fifties and two are in their late forties.
That poet among critics, Edwin Denby, saw this Don Quixote as "rich and strange, bitter, delicate, and tragic.
When listeners to Will Shortz's "Weekend Edition Sunday" program on National Public Radio in September 2002 were asked to construct pangrams with the name of a famous person, they found Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, jointly containing three of the four rarest letters (all but J) irresistible.