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ActivClient validates all PKI-enabled Microsoft applications, such as Windows, Internet Explorer, Office, Sharepoint, Outlook, and others, and currently resides on every desktop, laptop, mobile device, and server in the DON networking environment.
The concept of Don Coqui is the result of my years in the restaurant business and a legacy to my children, and our patrons can only find the real Don Coqui restaurants online via doncoqui.
Don flies off to Indiana with Pete, Peggy and Harry for the Burger Chef's campaign presentation.
After I had arrived at Don's cabin, we sat there catching up, during which time Don started to act a little funny and I could tell something was up.
Roma is hell bent on taking her revenge and wants Don at any cost.
My close relationship with Don Alexander began in 1997 when I joined Fremont Group, where Don had been a long time adviser.
Like other DoN organizations, the Naval Audit Service has to compete for budget, personnel, and facilities support--and when budget and personnel cuts are levied on the Department, the Naval Audit Service often takes its fair share.
I remember once performing a version of Don Bosco's legendary rope trick--turning three separate ropes into a single rope to illustrate the mystery of the Trinity.
Jeb and Don hoard their clients to maintain their power base and get their way.
Just as the original Don Quixote kept evolving, so has this production.
It was to this lush green landscape that Don and Dave Solin's grandparents emigrated from Czechoslovakia at the turn of the century and established a homestead that was to remain in the family for generations.
Developmental Career Counseling With Clients Who Have a Severe Mental Illness: The Case of Don
The pervasive allusions in Don Quijote to demonological treatises reveal a level of intertextual confusion in Don Quixote's mind that has not been explored in detail.