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gain dominion over (someone or something)

To be in a position of power over someone or something. Good luck gaining dominion over this department—everyone here is loyal to Helen. They really went to war just to gain dominion over that tiny island?
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gain dominion over someone or something

to achieve total authority over someone or something. The dictator sought to gain dominion over the entire country. Harry was not happy until he had gained dominion over the people who worked for him.
See also: dominion, gain, over
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DOMINION OF NEW ZEALAND: Statesmen and Status 1907-1945
For 38 years from 1907 to 1945, about half a life time, New Zealand had the status of a Dominion. The post-Second World War generation would have thought it lasted much longer.
Dominion Virginia Power began construction of the proposed 1,558 megawatt gas-fired power plant this past June, which would be the largest gas-powered operation in the Commonwealth.
Dominion is trying to raise our electricity rates and increase carbon pollution for a massive power plant and pipeline we dont even need, said Evan Johns.
GM dealers that use either the Dominion Sales Center and/or the Dominion Web Control platforms can now automatically pull info regarding GM cardholders earnings.
A GM partner for over 10 years, Dominion Dealer Solutions' consolidation with the GM Card Program will also be a feature for DominionCMX, Dominion's new CRM offering.
Patrick Evans, CEO of Dominion, said, I am pleased to join Dominion Diamond at this exciting time for the Company.
This is an exciting day for Dominion Diamond and The Washington Companies, said Lawrence R.
Applicant tracking is a part of Dominion's web-based platform for payroll, time & attendance, and human resources.
For more information on Dominion Systems, visit
“I'm really excited to join Dominion as they move forward in providing a great user experience for their customers.”
To develop this new feature, Dominion Systems planned and executed the following tactics:
“I could not be more thrilled with where Dominion Systems is today and I can only strive for similar success in the future.”
“Dominion Systems is very excited to have a branch in Rochester Hills,” said Dominion Systems Sales Director, Scott Baldwin.
“We made the enhancements featured today in order to spotlight what users value the most - control, convenience and an overall user friendly experience,” said Dominion Systems President and CEO, Jud Highhill.
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