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chrome dome

A person who is completely bald, or that person's head. I actually started losing my hair in my late twenties, and I've been a chrome dome ever since! Some women don't care for bald men, but I love my husband's chrome dome.
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n. a shiny, bald head; a man with a bald head. (Also a rude term of address.) The guy with the chrome-dome suddenly grasped his chest and made a face.


n. the head, especially if bald. I need a new hat for my shiny dome.


mod. hit on the head. (see also dome.) I domed him accidentally with the ladder.
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n. a psychologist or psychiatrist. The dome-doctor lets me talk while he keeps score.


1. n. an intellectual. It’s not that what the double-domes say is wrong, it’s that they are so sure that they are right that scares me.
2. mod. intellectual. Most kids need to be exposed to double-dome profs at college for a while.

marble dome

n. a stupid person. (Someone who has marble where brains should be.) The guy’s a marble dome. He has no knowledge of what’s going on around him.
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Comodo Dome Shield is the free DNS-based tier that blocks malicious websites, offers domain-level web filtering and includes advanced reporting and analytics
Concrete or monolithic (mono = one, lithic = stone) domes are made of one material (often shotcrete, ferro-cement or other concrete) applied over a dome-shaped form.
tried five times to pass a school bond for an elementary gymnasium, succeeding only after it distributed drawings of a monolithic dome as the design plan.
Following weeks of assembling precisely cut 24-inch double-struts from structural grade Southern yellow pine, Mike, his two brothers and his father started on the dome shell.
Under a rehabilitation plan announced by Urata in March, Osaka Dome will be sold to a private-sector company for about 9 billion yen.
Henry, a dome car, and the Evelyn Henry, a sleeper that can accommodate up to 12 overnight guests.
So many people still think of the geodesic dome as a fad," Boothe said.
Godino and her partner, Brett Gustavson, both in their twenties, purchased a 14 foot diameter canvas dome a year ago and set it up on rented land.
Today's metal dome arrays deliver significant benefits for engineers designing next-generation equipment.
THE pounds 800million Millennium Dome is likely to be torn down within five years and taxpayers will get NOTHING back, says the man who used to run it.
A colorful Temcor (Gardena, California) aluminum dome has become an architectural icon at the Explora Science Center and Children's Museum in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
David, Randy and Barry South built their first dome potato storage facility 24 years ago and have since seen their idea evolve into a worldwide industry.
TONY Blair yesterday taunted William Hague over his secret role in approving plans for the Millennium Dome.
The dome is one of the most efficient shapes and permits very large spaces to be covered economically.