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chrome dome

A person who is completely bald, or that person's head. I actually started losing my hair in my late twenties, and I've been a chrome dome ever since! Some women don't care for bald men, but I love my husband's chrome dome.
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n. a shiny, bald head; a man with a bald head. (Also a rude term of address.) The guy with the chrome-dome suddenly grasped his chest and made a face.


n. the head, especially if bald. I need a new hat for my shiny dome.


mod. hit on the head. (see also dome.) I domed him accidentally with the ladder.
See also: dome


n. a psychologist or psychiatrist. The dome-doctor lets me talk while he keeps score.


1. n. an intellectual. It’s not that what the double-domes say is wrong, it’s that they are so sure that they are right that scares me.
2. mod. intellectual. Most kids need to be exposed to double-dome profs at college for a while.

marble dome

n. a stupid person. (Someone who has marble where brains should be.) The guy’s a marble dome. He has no knowledge of what’s going on around him.
See also: dome, marble
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Its three international brands - Domal, Technal and Wicona - cover the range of system products.
Other large domal features have been identified by commissioned Landsat imagery analysis.
The oil-bearing horizon encountered by the Maya wells was the late Miocene Maingit sandstone trapped within a domal closure.
The Hydro Building Systems division is a leading global supplier of aluminum building systems, operating through three main product brands; DOMAL, TECHNAL, and WICONA.
Contact: Debra Domal of University of Illinois, College of Veterinary Medicine, +1-217-244-1562
Hydro building systems is second largest in the world and markets product under three main brand names DOMAL, TECHNAL, and WICONA.
At this stage the Gas Phase contemplates the development of the fully delineated Tubarao Field and possibly tying this to the BSS-78 domal feature in which a discovery well and two further delineation wells have already been drilled.