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ptomaine domain

Any place that serves particularly disgusting, putrid, or inedible food. ("Ptomaine" refers to amines or alkaloids produced by putrefying organic matter, typically animal tissue. Used in reference especially the dining facility of institutions such as schools or military barracks.) I would avoid that restaurant at all costs—it's a real ptomaine domain.
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and ptomaine-palace (ˈtoˈmen...)
n. any institutional dining facility; a mess hall; a cafeteria. Welcome to the ptomaine-domain. Help yourself to some mystery meat. Time to go over to the ptomaine-palace and eat—if you can call it that.
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The three measurements involved in the research findings were the importance (priority) of the activity domain, how well the domain was performed (achievement), and the effectiveness distance measure (EDM) for the domain.
For big players in electronic commerce, such as multinational corporations and global brands, it is essential to realize that Internet domain names are becoming a complex and powerful weapon in e-commerce warfare.
But at the end of March, when he finally finished designing and asked his web service to upload the web sites, they informed him the Internet domain names had already been taken.