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The consistently outstanding performance of the Dollar Tree chain and the company's impressive success in integrating and turning around Family Dollar has not resulted in complacency on the part of Sasser and his team.
Family Dollar's board on September 17 unanimously reiterated its support for a buyout bid from Dollar Tree Stores Inc.
Dollar General put in its bid in the middle of August.
The companies did not say if any Dollar Tree or Family Dollar stores would be closed.
As a result, the dollar may have to fall by commensurately still larger amounts to shrink the trade deficit.
Krassimir Petrov of the American University in Bulgaria, will be a petroleum commodity market "based on a euro-oil-trading mechanism that naturally implies payment for oil in euro," rather than in dollars.
Of course, this optimistic forecast assumes that the Canadian dollar will stabilize and perhaps drop against the U.
policy makers is to retain the strongest currency, as Liu contends, the past 12 months have seer, a set-back when the dollar goes up against the European Union's euro.
5, a number of carmakers were understood to be dumping large amounts of their foreign-earned dollars on the market.
Terakedis and Fisher said shared ownership differs from traditional split dollar, because it allows a residual owner--the one that owns the true insurance--also to own a portion of the policy's cash value.
Analysts agree his decision to phase out the local currency in favor of the dollar, although not executed under the best circumstances, was timely.
Strong public demand for the new dollar coin has generated thousands of orders from banks and retailers and has led some banks to create Golden Dollar waiting lists for their individual and commercial customers.
71 billion dollar deficit in 1997, the National Statistics Office said Tuesday.
In a typical soft dollar d a broker prepays researh expenses behalf of a money manager in propor to the future trades and trading commissions the manager promises the broker.