An informal variation of OK. A: "Come on, Tom. We're ready to go to the park!" B: "Okey-dokey!" Okey-dokey, that ought to do it—your computer should be back in tip-top shape now!

okey-dokey, Smokey

A humorous variation of "okey dokey," itself an informal version of "OK." Used to express acceptance, agreement, or assent. A: "Come on, Tom. We're ready to go to the park!" B: "Okey-dokey, Smokey!" A: "All right, Sarah, I need you to secure the jib!" B: "Okey-dokey, Smokey, consider it done!"
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interj. yes; OK. (Folksy.) Okey-dokey, I’ll be there at noon.
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Greg Lockhart from Dunblane caught a couple for 5lbs 8oz on Buzzers, G Frater (Stirling) 3 fish for 8lbs on the CDC and Damsel, Jim Linton (Moodiesburn) 8 fish for 21lbs on Blobs and Hector Wilson from Bannockburn took 3 fish for 7lbs 8oz on an Okey Dokey.
Ross Wilson's mount finally headed the the pace-setting Okey Dokey on the inner after two out before asserting close to home to score by a length.
Four of them - Beakstown, Tokay Dokey, Molly The Dolly and Premier Rose - were trained by his brother, Dan, while Caroline Bailey provided the other with Crosspark.
I am optimistic about the development of initiatives such as Condo and Okey Dokey, which allow adventurous galleries to develop their international presence through the sharing of space in other cities--although I do fear that participating galleries will largely exhibit 'suitcase art'--the works they can pack and transport on a plane.
His popular songs include "Tough Cookie," "Okey Dokey," "Say Yes or No" and "I Am You, You Are Me."
They all talk their hokey pokey They all swear they're okey dokey They must think that we're all dopey And don't suspect jiggery pokery.
never forget discussing translate 'okey how to dokey' with him.
"He was a real character and his favourite phrase was okey dokey. Nothing was ever too much trouble and he was a very good, calming influence on me on days when things hadn't gone well and we had a long drive back from some god-forsaken spot."
Dokey as lead character along with Wokie, Pokie and Kika.
Consider this: If the game is rigged so the employer always wins--the employer has the say so and employees get only to respond "okey dokey" to all demands--then where is there any responsibility, if by responsibility we mean a willingness to respond when the going gets tough, or even simply when the boss is not around?
OAK-Y DOKEY: Oak furniture, like the Yeovil dining range with its retro appearance, left, goes well with bold colours and prints QUIRKY: Match a floral chair with a set of tables such as the quirky nest from Ercol Originals and a neutral footstool for easy style LOOK TO NATURE: Take inspiration from nature's colours, above.
Second seed Gulnaz Dokey of Kazhakstan, third seeded Fiona Codino of France and fifth seed Akshara Iska of India advanced to the second round with comfortable wins.
This translates roughly as "Okey Dokey", and, when bellowed loudly enough, proved a useful tool for rounding up our 30-strong group.
This translates roughly as Okey Dokey, and, when bellowed loudly enough, proved a useful tool for rounding up our 30-strong group.