do (someone or oneself) no favors

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do (someone or oneself) no favors

1. To not be helpful to someone or something; to hinder or be detrimental to someone or something. You do your kids no favors by catering to their every whim.
2. To act in a way that reflects negatively on oneself. Just stop talking—you're doing yourself no favors by babbling to the CEO.
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do somebody no ˈfavours


not do somebody any ˈfavours

do something that is not helpful to somebody or that gives a bad impression of them: You’re not doing yourself any favours, working for nothing.The orchestra did Beethoven no favours.
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Firstly, you're gorgeous and don't need any help to remain so but secondly, and perhaps more damaging, you're doing yourself no favours out here in non-celeb land.