do the rounds

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do the rounds

To visit or engage with many or all of certain group of things of people, often as part of a routine. We did the rounds and hit every shop in town while Christmas shopping. We're doing the rounds and calling all of our alumni for donations.
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do the rounds


go the rounds

COMMON If a story, idea, or joke does the rounds or goes the rounds, a lot of people hear it and tell it to other people. By the time the news has done the rounds of your family and friends the story will sound somewhat exaggerated. They are getting divorced, according to rumours I've heard going the rounds.
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do the ˈrounds (of something)

(British English) (also make the ˈrounds American English, British English )
1 go from place to place or from person to person: We did the rounds of the local cafes but he wasn’t in any of them.
2 be passed from person to person: News of her resignation soon made the rounds and it wasn’t long before another company offered her work.This virus seems to be doing the rounds at the moment.
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Summary: Washington (USA), Aug 06 (ANI): Marvel fans are in for a treat once again as reports of bringing another Marvel female superhero on ABC networks are doing the rounds.
A list of 14 senators belonging to opposition parties was doing the rounds on social media, who were said to have voted in favour of the government's candidate (Mr Sanjrani).
It's hard to avoid the sniffs and sneezes doing the rounds, but you can help ease the symptoms without breaking the bank.
Summary: A fraudulent message is doing the rounds and UAE residents are advised not to open it
In a statement, the PML-N leader said, 'For the past two days, source-based comments attributed to Maryam have been doing the rounds but they have not been issued by her.'
The fake notification was doing the rounds on media on September 5 when it said no official except court orders would be sacked from their office.
Summary: A dodgy chain-mail scam is said to be doing the rounds on WhatsApp once again, becoming the latest in a …
Rubbishing the letter, Kolkata Police issued a tweet: "A fake notification is doing the rounds in social media about Eid holidays.
For years, theories of a ninth planet sitting beyond the orbit of Pluto have been doing the rounds. Astronomers across the globe have been searching for this planet with little to no success.
There's a priceless one doing the rounds on social media.
It was learnt that the arrested foreigners were seen suspiciously doing the rounds of an ATM booth on Karachi's Abdullah Haroon Road for the past three days.
The rumor doing the rounds is that a very serious buyer is already lined up by the arresting party and that it's unlikely the tender will go to a second round.
MOCK THE WEEK (BBC2, 10pm) THE blokey panel show is just one of many doing the rounds that pulls apart the week's news - with a comedy spin obviously to keep us all entertained.
A fresh lot of leaked snapshots of the film has been doing the rounds of sundry websites since Tuesday, and fan reactions to these photographs have naturally been overwhelming.
Last week, there was a story doing the rounds that Tiger had shot a 'worst ball' 66 at the extremely tough Medalist Golf Club in Florida.