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This act galvanised her into starting her campaign and her Point 7 programme takes its name from the seven seconds which the police estimate is the timescale between identifying a victim and doing the deed.
6 I Slept With A Celebrity A new TV show currently being shopped around US networks where two civilian guests will dish the dirt about doing the deed with A B C D-listers.
But it isn't long before both sets of parents are trying to prevent the pair doing the deed.
His lawyers admitted that the first video is genuine and are using their legal powers to prevent footage of the rapper doing the deed with a Kim Kardashian lookalike appearing on the internet.
Likeable Steve Carell's shyness has stopped him doing the deed.
What did surprise a little was that he was still wearing the presentation jacket while doing the deed.
And the two hoods doing the deed aren't entirely sure about what's going on either.
The killer being announces its presence with a smell before doing the deed.
Of course, something always saved the heroine from doing the deed until she tied the knot.
Every time they got close to doing the deed they told each other to "think of Gail".
Guests also admitted to doing the deed in hallways and in lifts during hotel stays.
I predict that if you have loads of dates where you get close to sex but don't do it, you'll both be so up for it when it comes to doing the deed, nerves will go out the window.
It is a unique way of doing the deed and only made possible by modern technology.
As they build up to doing the deed, they look back at the incidents in their relationship that have driven them to these depths.
After doing the deed he promptly scribbled "I was back" on the school's pristine music centre wall.