do (one's) damnedest

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do (one's) damnedest

To try one's hardest (to do something). Traffic out here is terrible, but we'll do our damnedest to get there on time. I'm doing my damnedest to get an A in this class, even though I'm terrible at math.
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do your damnedest

If you do your damnedest to achieve something, you try as hard as you can to do it. I did my damnedest to persuade her. She was doing her damnedest to look as if she didn't care. Note: People sometimes use try instead of do. Ted tried his damnedest to explain things.
See also: damnedest

do (or try) your damnedest

do or try your utmost to do something.
The superlative form of the adjective damned is used here as a noun and can mean either ‘your worst’ or (more usually now) ‘your best’, depending on the context.
See also: damnedest

do/try your ˈdamnedest

(informal) try very hard; make a very great effort: He was doing his damnedest to make me feel uncomfortable so that I would leave.
See also: damnedest, try
References in periodicals archive ?
He said: "We're doing our damnedest to make it a competitive game and a good game.
Sir David, while confident that nature has the ability to recover, added: "We're doing our damnedest to prevent that now.
But we are going to be doing our damnedest to make sure that if we can't win it we delay it.
After all, shouldn't we be doing our damnedest to keep smoking and tobacco out of the living rooms and bedrooms of our nation's kids?
We will take as read all the usual caveats and qualifications about constantly doing our damnedest to prevent horses being killed, and please let's dispense with our customary refuge in expressions such as 'casualties' or horses 'paying the ultimate price'.
All of us are doing our damnedest to find the answer to fuel economy, which is going to require a new generation of vehicles," says Kasparian, who joined Ford in 2001.
There's nothing better than winning and getting that momentum, but losing after you've been on a winning run is the worst feeling in the world - and we're doing our damnedest to keep that out of the players' minds.
And he added: 'We are doing our damnedest to ensure there are accounting changes to address complaints about wrong-doing.
Rugby borough councillor for Princethorpe, Ron Ravenhall, said: "We are doing our damnedest at all ends to try to make this road safer.
All of Ireland will be jumping on December 31 and we'll be doing our damnedest over the coming weeks to pin down the best and worst places to be, starting with Dublin.
Obviously we'll be doing our damnedest to make sure he's sorted out in terms of his condition and that's his priority.
We have a service people like and are prepared to pay for and we'll be doing our damnedest to return to profitability as soon as possible,' he said.
Ireland will be doing our damnedest to make sure that doesn't happen.
We're doing our damnedest to bring four or five players in because that's how many we need.