doing okay

doing OK

1. Feeling fine or recovering somewhat. Typically used as a response to a question about one's wellbeing. Oh, I'm doing OK—the grief has begun to lessen with time. A: "How is your sister?" B: "Doing OK. It just takes a long time to get back to normal after that kind of injury."
2. A question about one's wellbeing. You doing OK? I know you've had a rough week at work.
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(I'm) doing okay.

1. Inf. I'm just fine. Bob: How you doing? Bill: Doing okay. And you? Bob: Things could be worse. Mary: How are things going? Sue: I'm doing fine, thanks. And you? Mary: Doing okay.
2. Inf. I'm doing as well as can be expected.; I'm feeling better. Mary: How are you feeling? Sue: I'm doing okay—as well as can be expected. Tom: I hope you're feeling better. Sally: I'm doing okay, thanks.
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Today Marylyn, who now lives in Spain, has said despite a bit of a shock and soreness, that her daughter and granddaughter are doing okay.
I am struggling not to feel bitter but intuitively, to me at least, this seems inherently unfair with the handouts going to not those most in need, but that section of society who are doing okay. And, before the point is raised that it was the BBC that made the decision regarding licence fees, it is glaringly obvious that this is the result of the poisoned chalice that the government passed to them.
Shaneil, who is now 16 and attends Whalley Range school in Manchester, explained: "iwas doing okay at school but realisedi needed more and to be shown my potential.
Or maybe they asked if you were doing okay so your poured out your heart to them and it felt absolutely amazing?
"St Johnstone are doing okay and they have a good manager.
'And I am doing okay, going on strict voice rest and meds.'
An uplifting yet real look at all that is expected of moms in the 21st century, Mom Life: Perfection Pending is so relatable you'll find yourself saying, "I guess I'm doing okay after all."
"I thought we were doing okay, not great but doing okay, and it is disappointing when you concede a goal.
Sixty-nine percent of adults say they are either "living comfortably" or "doing okay," compared with 65 percent in 2014 and 62 percent in 2013, said the "Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S.
"We're doing okay at the moment but we've got a lot of games coming up.
We are doing okay, but we are not getting carried away.
"I was speaking to Bish (Andy Bishop) and he was saying you need a good run of games, nine or 10 games, I came back from an injury and was doing okay but then got the red card and that put me out for three games, but that is football.
Thankfully she's doing okay, a bit shaken up but thankfully nothing worse happened.
"She makes sure I'm doing okay. I make sure she's doing okay," he added apparently insinuating that he is still protective of his ex despite her engagement to hunk actor Brad Pitt.
Expressing surprise at his shot, Rose said that although he felt a bit lethargic, he found that he was doing okay after he looked at the scoreboard, following which the shot came out of nowhere, adding that he hopes to carry the momentum into the final two rounds at the tournament.