doing okay

doing okay

1. I'm fine. An unenthusiastic response to a question about one's well-being. Oh, I'm doing okay—the grief has begun to lessen with time.
2. A question about one's well-being. Are you doing okay? I know you've had a rough week at work.
See also: okay

(I'm) doing okay.

1. Inf. I'm just fine. Bob: How you doing? Bill: Doing okay. And you? Bob: Things could be worse. Mary: How are things going? Sue: I'm doing fine, thanks. And you? Mary: Doing okay.
2. Inf. I'm doing as well as can be expected.; I'm feeling better. Mary: How are you feeling? Sue: I'm doing okay—as well as can be expected. Tom: I hope you're feeling better. Sally: I'm doing okay, thanks.
See also: okay

(Are you) doing okay?

 and You doing okay? 
1. How are you? Mary: Doing okay? Bill: You bet! How are you? Bill: Hey, man! Are you doing okay? Tom: Sure thing! And you?
2. How are you surviving this situation or ordeal? Mary: You doing okay? Bill: Sure. What about you? Mary: I'm doing fine. Tom: Wow, that was some turbulence we just hit! Are you doing okay? Mary: I'm still a little frightened, but I'll make it.
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I have come from two sugars in my tea to one, and I am doing okay.
We got a goal ahead and were doing okay before them scoring two in four minutes changed it all.
I was speaking to Bish (Andy Bishop) and he was saying you need a good run of games, nine or 10 games, I came back from an injury and was doing okay but then got the red card and that put me out for three games, but that is football.
With six of the top seven played at home already (and the three promoted clubs all played on their own patches) you could construct an argument that Sunderland are doing okay for the fixture list they have been handed.
Thankfully she's doing okay, a bit shaken up but thankfully nothing worse happened.
And as for the recovery, it certainly isn't filtering down to ordinary decent hardworking people like me - but as long as the top one percent are doing okay that's alright, isn't it?
I run a small online firm and I'm doing okay but could do with earning a bit more money to make ends meet.
Expressing surprise at his shot, Rose said that although he felt a bit lethargic, he found that he was doing okay after he looked at the scoreboard, following which the shot came out of nowhere, adding that he hopes to carry the momentum into the final two rounds at the tournament.
Fountain's landlord Darren Randle said: "Times are hard with only so much money about but we are doing okay through promotions and entertainment.
The Easy A star refused to move back to Los Angeles in March but she has now told them they can come to visit her in New York to see that she is doing okay.
In America, Lee Westwood - who moved his family to Florida over Christmas - is doing okay in the Honda Classic at the PGA National Club in Palm Beech.
Life is not very exciting for him at the moment - it's a bit of a boring experience - but he's doing okay.
I can't just say I've been doing okay if Falkirk are bottom of the league.
James Vaughan is doing okay , I don't know if he is ready to start games.
But the thing about necks is they do resolve quite quickly and spontaneously, so we're kind of hoping he's going to come in everyday lots better, but at the moment he's doing okay.