doing OK

doing OK

1. Feeling fine or recovering somewhat. Typically used as a response to a question about one's wellbeing. Oh, I'm doing OK—the grief has begun to lessen with time. A: "How is your sister?" B: "Doing OK. It just takes a long time to get back to normal after that kind of injury."
2. A question about one's wellbeing. You doing OK? I know you've had a rough week at work.
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(I'm) doing okay.

1. Inf. I'm just fine. Bob: How you doing? Bill: Doing okay. And you? Bob: Things could be worse. Mary: How are things going? Sue: I'm doing fine, thanks. And you? Mary: Doing okay.
2. Inf. I'm doing as well as can be expected.; I'm feeling better. Mary: How are you feeling? Sue: I'm doing okay—as well as can be expected. Tom: I hope you're feeling better. Sally: I'm doing okay, thanks.
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(Are you) doing okay?

 and You doing okay? 
1. How are you? Mary: Doing okay? Bill: You bet! How are you? Bill: Hey, man! Are you doing okay? Tom: Sure thing! And you?
2. How are you surviving this situation or ordeal? Mary: You doing okay? Bill: Sure. What about you? Mary: I'm doing fine. Tom: Wow, that was some turbulence we just hit! Are you doing okay? Mary: I'm still a little frightened, but I'll make it.
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It would be nice to know how they are keeping and that they are doing OK.
She has been the outstanding player for Phil Neville's team and, if she stays on her current level in every game, then she could be the difference between the Lionesses doing OK and going far.
Sharing a list of his current favourite songs, Martin tweeted, "Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing ok, better than ok actually.
Brechin boss Darren Dods said: "At 1-1 we were doing OK but we then gave it away cheaply."
We are doing OK with our small business but we have the constant problem of getting bigger firms to pay us on time.
Earlier, the disgraced producer told reporters "I'm not doing OK" and "We all make mistakes" as he was filmed on camera for the first time since the scandal broke.
As he was leaving his daughter's Los Angeles home Wednesday evening, Weinstein told reporters that he was "not doing OK" and that "we all make mistakes."
They export more to the EU than they import and they are doing ok.
NEW ARE Maybe you're Or The sign reads: "He is doing OK! Thanks for all your best wishes.
"The fans can see that we're doing OK and it's alright doing OK but we need to take that next step.
-- A puppy in California apparently is doing OK after he fell about 50 feet down an old well casing and was rescued by firefighters.
"At the moment, we're doing OK with regard to punctuality.
But she insisted she was "doing OK" without her mother after her victory over New Zealand's Marina Erakovic saw her through to the fourth round.
Despite rumors of a ring, there's no bling on the finger of the bold and beautiful Myriam Fares, but she is still doing ok .
Retailers saying they're in for their worst Christmas ever and then, suddenly, there's a last minute spending spree that gives them a cash boost so they end up doing OK.