do (one's) damnedest

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do (one's) damnedest

To try one's hardest (to do something). Traffic out here is terrible, but we'll do our damnedest to get there on time. I'm doing my damnedest to get an A in this class, even though I'm terrible at math.
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do your damnedest

If you do your damnedest to achieve something, you try as hard as you can to do it. I did my damnedest to persuade her. She was doing her damnedest to look as if she didn't care. Note: People sometimes use try instead of do. Ted tried his damnedest to explain things.
See also: damnedest

do (or try) your damnedest

do or try your utmost to do something.
The superlative form of the adjective damned is used here as a noun and can mean either ‘your worst’ or (more usually now) ‘your best’, depending on the context.
See also: damnedest

do/try your ˈdamnedest

(informal) try very hard; make a very great effort: He was doing his damnedest to make me feel uncomfortable so that I would leave.
See also: damnedest, try
References in periodicals archive ?
And you look at the way Paul Caddis played again, for example, and the response of Andrew Shinnie doing his damnedest in his favoured role.
He wants to do well, he's desperate to do well, he's doing his damnedest to live the dream but he's struggling.
Ironically for a Eurosceptic, the PM's forced by convention to take questions during his trips to Brussels - doing his damnedest to avoid calling the Daily Mirror because he's petty.
Jackson as an ex-con doing his damnedest to go straight.
Sentencing Pearson to fines and costs totaling pounds 395 and Reay to pounds 365, Judge Earl said: "Insp Tennant is shown on CCTV doing his damnedest to be heard.
He proved it for Croatia at the World Cup Finals in the summer and he's been doing his damnedest to drag Rangers kicking and screaming out of their domestic slump.
In fact, Big Red will be doing his damnedest to prevent expectations from bubbling over but no matter what he says the Ibrox side have a real chance of reaching the second phase of the Champions League.
Kicking off a journey into increasingly bleak territory, it seemed that Smith was doing his damnedest to alienate a fanbase that simply grew larger the darker his records became.
The focus ought to switch back to the sprinters today, although this is not the flattest route they will have to work with, and we shall no doubt see every desperado French domestic doing his damnedest to bring joy to the host nation in the centennial Tour.
The 42-year-old, though, is clearly doing his damnedest to make his players feel they have absolutely nothing to lose, and make Brazil's players feel over-confident.
If Cartwright is not a chum of Dorothy's, he's doing his damnedest to crash the sorority.
A Tory MP, by definition, is a man who lies: he tells you that your taxes, your hospitals, your schools and your public services are safe - when, all the while, he is doing his damnedest to ensure that they are not.
This is all very new and a bit bewildering for Elcock, who will be doing his damnedest to dethrone unbeaten German Arthur "The King" Abraham for the prestigious IBF version of the crown.
The Chelsea boss insists his men need another seven games to "find their range", when really his Portuguese prattle suggests he'll be doing his damnedest to get one over on feared rival Rafa Benitez.
The swinging side gave it a very sleazy element," sighs a local crime reporter, doing his damnedest to sound shocked and saddened while not licking his lips.