do (one's) damnedest

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do (one's) damnedest

To put forth the maximum amount of energy or effort toward some task or goal. Money is a little tight at the moment, but I'll do my damndest to be there for your wedding. I'm doing my damnedest to get a passing grade in this class.
See also: damnedest

do your damnedest

If you do your damnedest to achieve something, you try as hard as you can to do it. I did my damnedest to persuade her. She was doing her damnedest to look as if she didn't care. Note: People sometimes use try instead of do. Ted tried his damnedest to explain things.
See also: damnedest

do (or try) your damnedest

do or try your utmost to do something.
The superlative form of the adjective damned is used here as a noun and can mean either ‘your worst’ or (more usually now) ‘your best’, depending on the context.
See also: damnedest

do/try your ˈdamnedest

(informal) try very hard; make a very great effort: He was doing his damnedest to make me feel uncomfortable so that I would leave.
See also: damnedest, try
References in periodicals archive ?
The Disney star has been doing her damnedest to distance herself from her teenybopper image over the past 12 months.
While Cain sits at home fuming, Charity will be doing her damnedest not to enjoy spending time with a bloke whose knuckles don't actually drag on the floor.
Stevens (Kensington): Stevens, the acclaimed author of Becoming Bobbie, is doing her damnedest to reinvent chick lit.
But Nicola is doing her damnedest to spilt them up.
Just that quick, Vivien is doing her damnedest to rewrite history by doing away with slavery, starting the industrial revolution and giving everyone a roughly 1,350-year sneak peek at the women's movement.