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do good

1. To have a positive effect on someone. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "do" and "good." If you're feeling sad, getting out in the sunlight should do you good.
2. To focus one's energy on charitable acts. In this usage, "do good" is a set phrase. Monica has always been one to do good, so I'm not surprised to hear that she joined the Peace Corps.
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do someone good

to benefit someone. A nice hot bath really does me good. A few years in the army would do you good.
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do good

Act in an upright, moral way; engage in philanthropy. For example, Social workers are trained to help people to help themselves, not simply going around doing good . This term was first recorded in a.d. 725. Also see do any good; do one good.
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do one good

1. Be of benefit to one, as in I'm sure some fresh air will do her good. [Late 1400s]
2. Also, do one's heart good. Please, gratify, give satisfaction. For example, It does my heart good to see the young couple so happy.
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do ˈgood

be kind and generous to people who need help, for example by working for a charity: She tries to do good by visiting prisoners’ families when she can. ▶ ˌdo-ˈgooder noun (informal, disapproving) a person who tries to help others but does it in a way that is annoying
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do somebody ˈgood

help somebody; have a good effect on somebody: A trip to the beach would do you a lot of good.
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Simply put, it is just a matter of doing good business
Several participants expressed interest in learning more, and French suggested they start a club to invest in companies that were doing well by doing good.
Champions of federal support for faith-based organizations understand the effort as an enterprise that succeeds in doing good, often where secular efforts fail.
In the third chapter, "Voices of Those Who Help," Kottler focuses on people who "sing the glory of doing good for the most noble purposes" (p.
These essays are written by good historians doing good history.
Our Wildest Dreams: Women Entrepreneurs Making Money, Having Fun, Doing Good.
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Those who are doing a lot of good to society regardless of whoever is the incumbent simply continue doing good work.
London, Sept 16 (ANI): Hollywood stars Jennifer Hudson and Christina Hendricks were honoured for their charity work at the 2011 Women Doing Good Awards.
In the second period, we started doing good and in the third period we were awesome.
Engagingly written by Veronika Martenova Charles and enhanced with distinctive illustrations by the team of Annouchka Gravel Galouchko & Stephan Daigle, "The Birdman" is a picturebook story about the healing power of doing good deeds.
Once you file--whether you're doing good, bad, or indifferent--it's there [on your credit report].
As lucrative green investment opportunities in the United States become harder to find, socially conscious investors are doing better than ever by doing good in Latin America.