a dog's dinner

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a dog's dinner

Something that is very messy or disorganized. I really need to clean out my closet—it's starting to look like a dog's dinner in there.
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a dog's dinner (or breakfast)

a poor piece of work; a mess. British informal
The image is of a dog's meal of jumbled-up scraps.
2000 Independent He was rightly sacked because he had made such a dog's dinner of an important job.
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a dog’s ˈbreakfast/ˈdinner

(British English, informal) a very untidy piece of work; a mess: Don’t ask Julie to help you with the decorating — she made a complete dog’s breakfast of painting the kitchen!
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They also gave show chef Phil Vickery's hotpot the royal seal of approval, which is a good job, or else it would have been a dogs' dinner...
Yesterday, Justice Secretary Michael Matheson tried desperately to pin blame for the latest dogs' dinner on the Scottish Police Authority.
The 19-month-old golden retriever will be guest of honour at a special Dogs' Dinner to raise money for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.
Richard and Ellis hope the Dogs' Dinner event will raise at least pounds 1,000.
The costumes get increasingly outrageous, culminating in the stunning bright red dress she wears for a dogs' dinner party she arranges, an outfit described by Close as "one of the greatest costumes I'll ever wear".
RUBBER chickens, Barbie dolls and riding crops have been named as some of the weirdest dogs' dinners.
THE tiptoe world of moneyspinners, Moronic pantomime of dirty dogs' dinners, Assemble under the carpet of the feeble sinners, Oppressive dictators milk the breadwinners.
The dog's dinner one of them could make out of North Korea should be enough to have Kim Jong-un choking on his dogs' dinners.
Why else would we have to sit through hours of people done up like dogs' dinners prancing about?
While her husband Alan and their other three dogs, including five-year- old border collie Ringo, were in the house watching television the intruders made off with the dogs' dinners.