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be in the doghouse

slang To be in trouble with someone due to one's misdeeds or blunders. I'll be in the doghouse if I come into work late again this week. You've been in the doghouse with Maria ever since you forgot her birthday.
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in the doghouse

slang In trouble with someone due to one's misdeeds or blunders. I'll be in the doghouse if I come into work late again this week. You've been in the doghouse with Maria ever since you forgot her birthday.
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*in the doghouse

Fig. in trouble; in (someone's) disfavor. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; find oneself ~; put someone [into] ~.) I'm really in the doghouse with my boss. I was late for an appointment. I hate being in the doghouse all the time. I don't know why I can't stay out of trouble.
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in the doghouse

In disfavor, in trouble, as in Jane knew that forgetting the check would put her in the doghouse. This expression alludes to relegating a dog that misbehaves to its outdoor kennel. [c. 1900]
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in the doghouse

If you are in the doghouse, someone is annoyed with you because of something you have done. If you give her a birthday card and nothing else, you'll be in the doghouse. Four Caribbean prime ministers have landed themselves in the doghouse after failing to turn up to a top-level meeting at the White House. Note: In American English, a `doghouse' is a kennel.
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in the doghouse (or dogbox)

in disgrace or disfavour. informal
1963 Pamela Hansford Johnson Night & Silence He'd been getting bad grades, he was in the dog-house as it was.
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be in the ˈdoghouse

(South African be in the ˈdogbox) (informal) in a situation where somebody is angry with you because you have done something wrong: I’m in the doghouse with my wife at the moment: I forgot it was her birthday yesterday!
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in the doghouse

In great disfavor or trouble.
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in the doghouse

In disgrace. The term alludes to sending a dog that misbehaves indoors to its outdoor kennel. It is of relatively recent origin, presumably from about 1900. In James Barrie’s Peter Pan (1904) Mr. Darling mistreats the children’s favorite, a dog named Nana, and in penance goes to live in the dog’s house.
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* THE "DOG DEN" A second major product at K-9 Kondo is the "Dog Den," which Shown designed and manufactured in 1998 as "the best doghouse on the market."
"The design and development of the 'K-9 Kondo Dog Den' began when a guy from Annapolis, Maryland, called to order a K-9 Kondo door for a fancy all-wood doghouse he was building for his nine-month-old Chesapeake retriever.
As you show both sides of the three doghouse cards and the Daisy card, you say, "This is my dog Daisy.
Youssef said what essentially began as a hobby and a requirement in his own home could well turn into a potential business as several people who have heard about his doghouses have already approached him.
Catlow said the "doghouses" will bring the noise level down to a more manageable range, which Mr.
Instead of having to tie their dogs' leashes to the fence, which had caused problems when dogs tried to jump outside the enclosure, owners now will attach leashes to the outside of the doghouses, which are equipped with eye hooks.
* Barn-style doghouse: the larger the better, but be sure you get the 1"x2"-mesh wire fencing for the pen's side walls (see below) in a height that's at least as tall as the doghouse you choose,
Renowned Architects such as Michael graves, Ismael Leyva and Carol Rusche Bentel are in the doghouse ...
* Bend over any nails or screws that protrude into the doghouse. * Paint the exterior for protection and appearance.
The inside enclosure is fully insulated, has room for a doghouse, and can be equipped with 110 volt heat or air conditioning.
Nevertheless, even a Lab needs some protection from a Midwestern winter, so I decided to build Woody an insulated doghouse. As a former engineer, I have the requisite design and drafting skills to conceptualize a terrific domicile for a dog.
Recently, Bateman joined a team of fieldworkers as they tended to dogs tied up outside in the cold as part of the organization's doghouse program.
The easy-to-assemble Extra-Small features a rain gutter that keeps water from entering the home, an elongated door frame that increases protection from Mother Nature, a moat in the base to capture fluids inside the doghouse and keep pets dry, and a vent in the rear for improved air circulation.
While a range of observatory styles was presented, there was a disproportionate amount of reader interest in the tiny "doghouse" observatory, which was described in a single paragraph accompanied by one photograph.