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Researchers randomly assigned 53 women to either a "to-go" group (which was told about the doggy bags before they ate) or a control group (which wasn't told about the bags).
The survey also revealed that Tasmanians are the most embarrassed of any state when asking for restaurant leftovers with 22 percent confessing that they wouldn't ask for a doggy bag, even when they wanted one.
"In 2002, we started a programme where we handed out free doggy bags and shovels whenever someone came to register their dog.
His tongue-in-cheek Royal Doggy Bag, complete with a picture of a corgi wearing a crown, was displayed on a silver salver.
Stuefloten's Ethiopian Exhibition does not have the same metafictional complexity as Doggy Bag but it does examine the layered nature of reality and continues the interweaving of novelistic and cinematic narration that came out strongly in his first novel Maya.
Diners are being urged not to over order in restaurants, to ban garnishes from their platesand to ask for a doggy bag if they can not finish their meal, as part of a campaign to reduce food waste.
It isn't just humans who can indulge in delectable food, as the pop-up cafe will spoil dogs with a free pupuccino and delicious doggy bag for each pet.
When you cross the finish line, you'll receive a fantastic jam-packed doggy bag for you and your dog to enjoy and reflect on the wonderful achievement."
Our sweet-toothed fiend couldn't finish it and was amused when we asked for a doggy bag We also ordered a full breakfast with eggs,bacon, sausage, mushrooms, tomato and black pudding from the brunch menu and it tasted as good as it sounds.
Designer shoes and iPhones went in raid EXPENSIVE shoes, phones, computers and a designer doggy bag were among the items stolen from pop star Rita Ora's house in a PS200,000 raid.
With his owners watching anxiously 50ft below, a brave rescuer climbed down with a unique doggy bag for the stricken pooch.
A party of pugs on the Acorns Dog Walk, and (left) Superdog Alfie's |looking forward to collecting his doggy bag of treats!
Grasping what appeared to be a doggy bag and a large animal print handbag, the tall blonde turned the car park into a catwalk, as the wind blew her hair back.
Registration is pounds 10 per dog and all participants will receive a doggy bag filled with treats.
I WOULD like to see restaurants take the shame out of taking home a doggy bag.