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doggy bag

A paper or plastic container (not necessarily a bag) used to package the leftovers of a diner's meal at a restaurant so that they may take it home to eat later. The servings here are so huge that I always have to ask for a doggy bag at the end of the night!
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doggy style

slang Describing the manner of sexual intercourse in which one partner (typically a male) penetrates the other from behind. But have you ever guys done it doggy style?
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doggy bag

n. a bag—supplied by a restaurant—in which uneaten food can be carried home. We do not have doggy bags, but I can give you a styrofoam box. You must fill it yourself.
See also: bag, doggy
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It's not just alcohol that has been given a canine twist - popcorn, cheese, gravy, cookies and even cappuccino have been reinvented doggy style.
Kinlaw contracted Miami, Florida-based product management services leader Innovation Direct[TM] to represent the Doggy Day Bag to potential licensees for a 2 year period.
And who knows, at the doggy disco afterwards maybe some of the owners will find their perfect partner too.
We also opened the doggy boutique, and Lucy gets one of every outfit we stock there - including a doggy Welsh rugby shirt dress.
After the success of last year's event, the doggy fun day is back at Holyhead's Ucheldre Centre on Monday.
An amazing CD from Alamoosic Lake, Doggy Style is 'moosic' to your ears.
Doggy Days CrAche allows owners to leave their pets in safe hands while they are at work.
Staff at the Doggy Days grooming parlour and nursery in Cramlington, Northumberland are taking no chances when it comes to handling the cherished family pets left in their care.
com)-- Fantastic Pet Care, a London-based pet care company, recently announced the Grand Opening of their Fantastic Doggy Centre, placed in Balham, 15 Balham High Rd SW12 9AJ, where dog owners can leave their beloved canines in the hands of professional dog carers for a daily stay or for Health & Beauty Doggy Procedures.
e modern idea of doggy bags started in America where everybody eats out as a matter of course.
Workers at Wirral firms Trendy r Pooches and Doggy Daycare were given a makeover o in an ITV show fronted by Jane McDonald.
THE Prince of Wales visited soldiers at a Birmingham hospital yesterday - and picked up a doggy bag of his son's favourite cake.