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A mild substitution for "goddamn" or "damn." I have so much doggone homework tonight, ugh. I can't believe we lost that doggone game.


A mild substitution for "goddamned" or "damn." I have so much doggoned homework tonight, ugh. I can't believe we lost that doggoned game.
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mod. darn(ed); damn(ed). I sort of wish my hooter wasn’t so doggone big.
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The collection will be housed in a new Gallery of Northwest Coast Masterworks, funded by a $3-million donation from the Doggone Foundation, a Montreal-based charity, and a $500,000 grant from the federal government as part of the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program.
She brought the dogs to their final destination of Doggone Happy Animal Rescue after four days.
Travel Business Review-October 19, 2011--Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel Announces New Doggone Promotional Package(C)2011] ENPublishing - http://www.
In response to 'Out of Control' (GDN, August 17) by Ms Doggone, I agree that the stray dog menace is getting out of hand and if we carry on this way, we will be outnumbered.
When the former owner of I'll Be Doggone Doggy Daycare & Boarding Inc.
Poll numbers are what they are, but doggone it, I'll tell you it is those of us who have kept our eye on the ball, have patience, a sense of history, and a little bit of spine and guts to us are going to prevail, and I say that not just about talk-show guys or even defense secretaries, but people in our uniform doing the noble work of this war.
People are starting to realize kraut is a pretty doggone good food.
Because, doggone it, Darth Vader is Luke's father, capable of real choices for good or evil (as the third Star Wars movie illustrates, fans may remember), just as Lucifer was once the brightest of the angels, named after the light he long ago represented.
Here's a doggone surprising twist on prescription drug diversion.
It's simplistic in notion, but pretty doggone complicated in practice," said Guarino.
Early in the interview, McNeill gushes, "You've written so many doggone wonderful pieces.
THE Beautiful North played an admirable part in making HMV's Go Live a doggone success, so it's no surprise that they've dropped us a quick wink about future plans.
After being so doggone holy for all of her freaking life, and running 'round like crazy worrying about saving my soul, she just about screwed up her own salvation.