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A mild substitution for "goddamn" or "damn." I have so much doggone homework tonight, ugh. I can't believe we lost that doggone game.

doggone it

1. interjection An exclamation of anger, exasperation, or irritation. A mild substitution for "goddamn it" or "damn it." A: "Oh, doggone it!" B: "What is it?" A: "Oh, this darn thing broke again."
2. interjection Used to add emphasis to something that one is saying. I just want to go to the bar for a drink with my buddies, doggone it! Is that too much to ask? Gosh, this is the first sunny day we've had in a while. Doggone it, I might just go out for a bicycle ride later!
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A mild substitution for "goddamned" or "damn." I have so much doggoned homework tonight, ugh. I can't believe we lost that doggoned game.
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mod. darn(ed); damn(ed). I sort of wish my hooter wasn’t so doggone big.
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She brought the dogs to their final destination of Doggone Happy Animal Rescue after four days.
The side mesh pockets on Doggone Good's bag are too small to hold anything but a clicker or a waste bag or two; just as a test, I jammed my large (Samsung Galaxy S5) phone in the pocket of the Ollydog Treat Bag Pro to see if it could fit; it did, rather snuggly, but quite securely!
And, doggone it, people like me!" While a silly reference, it reminds people of a simple mantra: Of course, you can do this.
The tracks are "Love Bug" (2:26), "Doggone Woods" (1:22), "Mama Loves It" (2:19), "Free To Play" (2:08), "In the Real World" (3:17), "Water in the Well" (2:07), "On Hockey Days" (2:35), "Seeing the Heart" (3:30), "Cool Down Reggae" (3:36), "Magic Wand" (2:07), "Wind Chimes" (1:21), "To the Park" (2:46), "Pete S Banjo" (2:14), "This Land Is Your Land" (3:00), "Blue White Planet" (3:11), and "Turn This World Around" (4:46).
Events: Hunt for dog-treat-filled eggs with your canine at Petersen Park on April 19th at Greenhill's annual Doggone Easter Egg Hunt.
'It was a long doggone hiatus?' '' But he used a stronger word than "doggone,'' then burst into laughter.
Thankfully, the pooch was doggone back to his own seat before any dog or traffic wardens arrived on the scene or he could have ended up in the pound.
Sunshine melodies and a doggone deep mid-West voice (yes, I know they're from Twickenham)!
We did a big story on battery-powered string trimmers last year (June'll) and we found that they work pretty doggone well.
Travel Business Review-October 19, 2011--Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel Announces New Doggone Promotional Package(C)2011] ENPublishing -
In response to 'Out of Control' (GDN, August 17) by Ms Doggone, I agree that the stray dog menace is getting out of hand and if we carry on this way, we will be outnumbered.
Doggone it, 1st Financial Federal Credit Union of Wentzville, Mo., scored well with pet lovers this month by sponsoring an "Adopt a Best Furrever Friend Day" at four branch locations.
Now wait just a doggone minute, Twit Trussell; you need to explain degrees of oniomania.