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doggy bag

A paper or plastic container (not necessarily a bag) used to package the leftovers of a diner's meal at a restaurant so that they may take it home to eat later. The servings here are so huge that I always have to ask for a doggy bag at the end of the night!
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doggy style

slang Describing the manner of sexual intercourse in which one partner (typically a male) penetrates the other from behind. But have you ever guys done it doggy style?
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doggy bag

n. a bag—supplied by a restaurant—in which uneaten food can be carried home. We do not have doggy bags, but I can give you a styrofoam box. You must fill it yourself.
See also: bag, doggy
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Rider, a three-year old labrador and his owner, Krisenyano Yaban, a Filipino soldier, won their third 5 kilometre Doggie run race, which they completed in more than 20 minutes.
Runners up in the Elected Tail will be filling the following contested positions: Doggie Vice President, Doggie 12th District Representative, Doggie 12th District Senator, Doggie Chelan County Commissioner and Doggie PUD Commissioner.
As well as a range of wholesome biscuits, Sandra will also be selling doggie herbal teas, doggie popcorn for when you're watching those Lassie repeats and fashionable doggie bandanas.
The kids who earlier made the difficult choice to help Doggie shared more stickers with Ellie.
She went on: "We actually provide a doggie bed for each of the dogs to stay on as well as a flat screen TV.
Owner Teresa Jenkins is currently in the process of converting a 3,300-square-foot space into a doggie day care with a grooming facility.
DOGGIE STAR: Four-year-old white deerhead chihuahua Angel plays lost dog Chloe.
We were not aware of this, so my son sat in assembly fidgeting, as children do, and ended up with doggie doo on his hands, his uniform and even on his hair.
Doggie daycares have pawed their way into the retail real estate market and seem to be growing in packs.
Doggie Biscuit follows this charming canine character throughout his entire life story.
Other hotels offer doggie bedding, robes, and turndowns treats for pets' beds.
That's the last potty of the day for dogs that are boarded at the couple's Dogwatch Doggie Day Care & Boarding in Fayetteville.
One of the highlight's at this year's Artexpo was a doggie fashion show, fondly referred to as DFNY (Doggie Fashion Show New York), to benefit a very special cause: the Humane Society of New York.
At Hawaii Doggie Bakery & Gift Shop, dogs can have their cake and eat it too.