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Wesley had already delivered ninety-two Easter baskets, and he was simply dog-tired.
But dog-dirty and dog-tired, you can't beat this for exhilirating adventure.
From dog-tired opener I Feel Love onwards, D&B is a hammy and cheesy rehash of the gasoline goth pursued, to ever diminishing returns, by Jack and co on previous TDW releases.
Sheriff Lindsay Foulis said: "What makes this more serious is that it is the case that you said you were dog-tired.
He said he was dog-tired, too, and told me to call the breakdown service.
They were dog-tired, but the officers had a date to keep.
We might be dog-tired from reading all the entries for the coveted title but we want more.
I was dog-tired - we'd had gig after gig and jamming session after jamming session," Marty told us.
BOW WOW: Rodrigo (above left) and his pal Jess; WOOF DEAL: Rodrigo takes his owner Ann for a walk along the coast (above) and (left) dog-tired
we were dog-tired after the long Asian tour,' said the letter.
And John said: "These guys turn up here to train after working a nine- hour shift most days and whether they are lawyers or sewerage workers they're dog-tired.
SOMETIMES when you're dog-tired you don't care about anything but sleep.
Men on farms, for example, dog-tired from long and sweaty hours of hard labor, coming in for supper (dinner came at noon), their overalls reeking of barn chores and the forced intimacy with animals and their waste.