a dog's dinner

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a dog's dinner

Something that is very messy and/or disorganized. I really need to clean out my closet—it's starting to look like a dog's dinner in there.
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a dog's dinner (or breakfast)

a poor piece of work; a mess. British informal
The image is of a dog's meal of jumbled-up scraps.
2000 Independent He was rightly sacked because he had made such a dog's dinner of an important job.
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a dog’s ˈbreakfast/ˈdinner

(British English, informal) a very untidy piece of work; a mess: Don’t ask Julie to help you with the decorating — she made a complete dog’s breakfast of painting the kitchen!
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Richard, of Gosforth, Newcastle, organises the Dog's Dinner biannual ball, which raises funds to sponsor a Guide Dog puppy through its training.
Alex Watson, leader of Derwentside District Council, which was left with no choice but to approve the plans, said: "This new town council will be a dog's dinner.
What is on offer is no more than a pathetic imitation of devolution, a half-baked dog's dinner.
We feel the school breakfast plan was a dog's dinner of an idea because it has been very poorly thought out,' said Dr Howard.
Royly Da Silva, 37, was caught after neighbours spotted a van emblazoned with The Dog's Dinner slogan dropping off goods at his home.
uk Strange things pets eat A REAL DOG'S DINNER 1 - Underwear of owner's 'non-partner' 2 - Riding crop 3 - Carpet thread running from mouth to bottom 4 - Needle and thread 5 - Whole baked potato 6 - Rubber chicken (whole) 7 - Christmas tinsel 8 - Corn on the cob middle 9 - Baby's dummy teat 10 - Barbie doll head (without hair)
Despite giving Adele's five-year-old dachshund Louie a dicky tummy with her dog's dinner, Paloma blames the Someone Like You singer, 25.
Ellis the guide dog is preparing to make a right dog's dinner to raise money for his furry friends.
SMALL joys of TV: The Cesar dog food ad running during Big Brother - apt, he's made a right dog's dinner of his stay there.
Blaydon MP Dave Anderson, who backs a full ban, said it was essential to protect all workers from second-hand smoke, adding: "A partial ban is going to be another recipe for a real dog's dinner, I'm afraid.
Let's hope so, because it looks like a dog's dinner on the outside.
Robin Simon, editor of British Art Journal, described the paintings as ``a dog's dinner of dreadful dawbs defying description''.
Now as I was done up like a dog's dinner I decided to thoroughly enjoy myself.
a ham-fisted dog's dinner of dull anecdotes, over-familiar clips and plodding karaoke.