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The jealous little dog under the table would give a sniff and a snort, just loud enough to call my attention to the flight.
The dog was not my dog could never be my dog--and I knew he was as miserable as his master who tramped eight miles a day to see him.
And now Stanley's in my garden crying over his dog.
The dog did not notice how the grains were strewn right from the castle to the Soldier's window, where he ran up the wall with the Princess.
said the King; but the largest dog seized him too, and the Queen as well, and threw them up after the others.
Henry stopped eating to glance across the fire and count the dogs.
Then I counted the dogs an' there was still six of 'em.
Kotuko patted him, but the dog still pushed blindly forward, fawning.
The big dog looked at him, howled again, and slunk away down the passage, while the other dogs drew aside right and left to give him ample room.
Black, all black, every nail of them," said Daughtry, "an' as clean feet as ever a dog walked on, straight-out toes with the proper arch 'n' small 'n' not too small.
Dog, your weight's to the good, and that ear can be ironed out by any respectable dog--doctor.
It was true, there were other dogs, There could not but be other dogs on so vast a place, but they did not count.
They growled and barked like detestable dogs, mewed, and flapped their arms and crowed.
A piece of dry birch bark started the fire, and Daylight went ahead with the cooking while the Indian unloaded the sled and fed the dogs their ration of dried fish.
Once, with a muttered imprecation, Kama leaped away, a stick of firewood in hand, and clubbed apart a tangle of fighting dogs.