something won't/doesn't wash

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not wash

To not be accepted or believed. That kind of excuse may have worked in high school, but it doesn't wash with me. The deadline for the paper is tomorrow, no extensions. He may be able to skirt the issue in some regions, but that approach won't wash in these parts—these people want straight answers.
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won't wash

Will not stand up to examination, is unconvincing, will not work, as in That excuse about your sick aunt just won't wash. This expression originally alluded to a fabric that would not stand up to washing but by the late 1800s was used figuratively for other kinds of failure.
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something won't wash

If an explanation or idea won't wash, it will not be believed or accepted. Mr Aitken might try some such explanation if and when he returns. It won't wash. It won't wash to claim that what we eat is purely a matter of personal responsibility.
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won't wash

will not be believed or accepted. informal
1998 New Scientist In the end, however, this argument won't wash.
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something won’t/doesn’t ˈwash (with somebody)

used to say that somebody’s explanation, excuse, etc. is not valid or that you/somebody else will not accept it: That excuse simply won’t wash with me.
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References in classic literature ?
You see, I am the sort of color, as they say at the linen-drapers," that doesn't wash well.
And the argument that 'it's a few quid for the club' doesn't wash either.
The easiest fix is soap and water, but when it comes to bad breath, soap in the mouth just doesn't wash. Mouth odor can make the mouth owner and those nearby queasy.
It simply doesn't wash that the people have spoken in 2016 and now the Prime Minister must do their bidding.
washy: McCartney According to the experts at Which?, underwear should be washed every wear (who doesn't wash their pants every time eeew?!), bras 2-3, jeans 6-10.
This is intense enough to make it feel silky and soft, and you might find colour doesn't wash out as fast any more - and looks more vibrant.
This is intense enough to make feel silky and soft, and you might find colour doesn't wash out as fast any more - and looks more vibrant.
Another repeat offender is the 'filthy boarder' - someone who doesn't wash chopping boards thoroughly in between preparing raw meat and readyto-eat food, meaning foodpoisoning bacteria can be transferred to food that won't be cooked before eating it.
'The Bomber's' first defence brings brash American Flores to Merseyside with Bellew believing the challenger has changed his tune - swapping the trash talk that saw him land the fight with respect - and Bellew says that doesn't wash with him and is preparing a punishing night.
In the Inverness dressing room, though, silver doesn't wash. All that glitters is gold.
SWINDON boss Mark Cooper has done his best to play the 'we're the underdogs' card going into their trip to Bramall Lane - but it simply doesn't wash.
The "that's private" defence doesn't wash for me, but even so, it's depressing that prying on your partners c o r r e s p o n dence is seemingly part of everyday life now.
While Kardashian likes to tan regularly, she admits she doesn't wash her hair very often.
The argument that you can't have goal-line technology at all levels of the game, right down to Division Six of the Festival League, doesn't wash.
It doesn't wash well that the most credible institution in India silently backs the General in this ugly joust with the executive.