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Young Josh doesn't give two hoots that his sis is poised for stardom.
"He doesn't give two hoots about how he should behave in court."
It must be blindingly obvious even to the most short-sighted inexperienced rambler, lost without a map or compass in a thick mist in the Upper Coquet valley, the No 10 regime doesn't give two hoots for our region as it blunders from crises abound.
The cruel, crippling condition doesn't give two hoots if you're famous, rich or living on the breadline - it is indiscriminate, and has the potential to cause so much heartache and fall-out.
"The other one looks like he doesn't give two hoots about what happened.
It's sad that players like David Kitson at Reading should say he doesn't give two hoots about the FA Cup.
She's been on the box no fewer than 23 times but says she doesn't give two hoots about winning.
He doesn't think twice about fighting her in public for access to the kids and doesn't give two hoots when embarrassing details, like his diary of every sexual encounter they had, become public.
The unforgivable failure to maintain that plant's furnaces, generating electricity and turning coal into coke while seeking a buyer, will be etched on the tombstone of a Government that when push comes to shove proved it doesn't give two hoots for our region.
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