not give a hoot (about something)

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not give a hoot (about something)

To not care in the slightest (about something); to attach no importance to something. I don't give a hoot about making money, I just want to do something with my life that helps other people. I haven't given a hoot for the show ever since they killed off my favorite character.
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not give a hoot


not give two hoots

If you say that you don't give a hoot or don't give two hoots about something, you mean that you do not care about it at all. I don't give a hoot about what they think. These politicians don't give two hoots about the ordinary people.
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don’t give a hoot

tv. don’t care at all. (Folksy.) She doesn’t give a hoot if you go into town without her.
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The cost of this unusual "performance test" was slightly over a million dollars and I hear by the grapevine that the pilot has decided he is in the wrong racket and doesn't give a hoot about ever trying another carrier landing.
That's its job and it doesn't give a hoot what Mr Fraser thinks.
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