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My grand-daughter doesn't like to be kept waitin' when the tea is ready, for it takes me time to crammle aboon the grees, for there be a many of `em, and miss, I lack belly-timber sairly by the clock."
Don't ye fash about them as lies under ye, or that doesn' lie there either!
However; Randhir somewhat feels that Karisma doesn t wants to get married.
She doesn t want Imran s marriage to succeed because she is jealous."
It usually goes away after a few days so it doesn''t need medical treatment.
For enquiries email Joanne at For enquiries email Joanne at QI LOVE Emilia Wickstead''s collections and would love to emulate the look, but my budget doesn''t stretch as far.
ALOOK This gorgeous deep plum kaftan from Rumpus Resort, with pretty pink trim, is modal which doesn''t crease as much as cotton so perfect for the beach.
Cheryl''s parents have fought long and hard to get to the truth, for their lovely daughter RIPX @PALMCIVETLADY (Re snow 12 months ago) lets hope it doesn''t happen again too soon.....Farmers need to chance to recover from last year @youngkilshaw (Re Wrexham FC's news boss) The King is Dead!
He a true walking companion and doesn''t pull on the lead but trots along nicely by your side.
He was referred on to the Work Programme, and, even though he doesn''t have to, he goes in every day to use their computer to look for work.
Advancing age doesn''t put us off tackling a new challenge either.
In life it doesn t change to be negative, it doesn t give you points.