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a bit dodgy

Appearing to be somewhat unsafe or dangerous; dubious; risky. Primarily heard in US. This car looks a bit dodgy to drive in traffic. I don't think we should stay, the crowd in this bar seems a bit dodgy. Yeah, it's a bit dodgy driving my tiny car in the snow, but I made it in one piece, didn't I?
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dodgy deal

An agreement, arrangement, or business transaction that is or is suspected of being risky, dubious, dishonest, or corrupt in some way. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland. He was ultimately fined for the dodgy deal, which saw his company reap the rewards of large-scale investments without any tax burden.
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The awareness drive will also highlight the health risks associated with the use of dodgy cosmetic products.
HSBC still has EUR54.3 billion in credit market pre-2008 assets on its books, and 'only' pounds 14.6 billion in eurozone dodgy sovereign debt.
Back in the beginning, Dodgy had a reputation as a hard-living, hard-drinking band.
Dodgy date: Gemini, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Aquarius.
Cameron is dodgy. He's refused to answer questions before.
The Transport Secretary should resign, along with Dodgy Dave and his Eton spivs.
The Amphitheatre live music programme, which runs twice weekly from 7pm until 9pm, will close on June 27 with a high pro-file performance by topselling trio, Dodgy. The band, who first wowed the crowds at the South Tyneside Festival in 2011, rose to fame in the 1990s with hits including If You're Thinking of Me, Staying Out for the Summer and top five smash, Good Enough.
Challenged to repeat the "dodgy" allegation, Mr Miliband said: "Lord Fink yesterday was threatening to sue me because I had said he was engaging in tax avoidance, and there was much outrage from the Conservative Party.
DAVID CAMERON has dismissed claims that he is a "dodgy Prime Minister" who is "up to his neck" in the HSBC tax avoidance scandal, accusing Ed Miliband of repeating "fiction after fiction" about the Conservatives.
During his and his older brother's absence, their Aunt Polly (Helen McCrory), has run their dodgy family business.
DODGY are back out on the road in May to celebrate 20 years since the release of their debut album, The Dodgy Album.
THEY rose to fame during the heady Britpop days of the 1990s and, two decades on, Dodgy are still going strong.
THAT cheap smartphone could be a killer, Christmas shoppers are warned as millions of dodgy goods flood the market.
Nearly half of drivers have got lost on holiday due to dodgy satnav instructions.
Murdered To Death WOLVERHAMPTON GRAND TAKE a 1930s country house party with a widowed owner and her niece, who inherits the pile, add for guests a retired Colonel and his lady, a dodgy French painter with an 'Allo 'Allo accent and his equally dodgy lady and throw in the unfaithful old family retainer and the stage is set for a mystery.