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Dodgy play The Lomax, 34 Cumberland Street, L1 6BU on Saturday, May 23.
The markets would like us all to think that it is all about sovereign governments and their dodgy public sector debt.
Dodgy date: Gemini, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Aquarius.
But at a time when serious political debate is hard to find, our leaders can offer dodgy dossiers and half-cocked claims as if they were good coin.
Dodgy will headline this year's live music series at the open air Amphitheatre at Sandhaven on June 27.
Rachael Bates, Out't store manager at Central Six, said: "We thought we'd have a laugh at our dodgy dress sense but more importantly raise money to support young people with cancer.
Dodgy decided to organise the tour following the success of their recent comeback album, Stand Upright In A Cool Place.
It''s 20 years next month since we released The Dodgy Album and we''re going out on the road to celebrate by playing it in it''s entirety back to back with our most recent album, Stand Upright In A Cool Place, so it''s going to be a rather special night - especially as the Liverpool gig at The Lomax on the May 23 was the exact date we released the album 20 years ago.
Sophisticated packaging and labels on anything from alcohol to watches mean fakes are becoming increasingly hard to spot, while squeezed Brits' love of a bargain keeps dodgy dealers afloat.
There are some dodgy traders out there who have no conscience and sell seriously dangerous goods," said Paul Bettison of the Local Government Association.
Now, following the completion of their new album, Dodgy are back on the road.
And so while Sheree throws herself at the mercy of local traders in the hope she can get them all on board, Dominic sets about building a dossier on the dodgy builder responsible.
MIDLAND indie band Dodgy will be recording a brand new album, the Sunday Mercury can reveal.
Youngsters with a musical ambition are spending their summer holiday break at the HIJACK studios in Redditch in a scheme run by Nigel Clark, the front man of chart band Dodgy.
With Gareth Gwenlan on board and a group of characters who revel in dodgy dealing, High Hopes does resemble an all-time comedy classic.