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a bit dodgy

Appearing to be somewhat unsafe or dangerous; dubious; risky. This car looks a bit dodgy to drive in traffic. I don't think we should stay, the crowd in this bar seems a bit dodgy. The way the politicians run the country seems a bit dodgy to me.
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dodgy deal

An agreement, arrangement, or business transaction that is or is suspected of being risky, dubious, dishonest, or corrupt in some way. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland. He was ultimately fined for the dodgy deal, which saw his company reap the rewards of large-scale investments without any tax burden.
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We're kind of chuffed there was a Welsh-born contestant on the X Factor but did it have to be the dodgiest warbler on the show?
Worst outfit: A fake clip-on lip ring in 2001,but her husband tends to wear the dodgiest outfits, with tea cosy hats and sarongs.
Hence when they went a goal down to Southampton last Saturday to the dodgiest of penalties, they didn't remotely look as though they had the quality to get back on terms.
NEW FRIDAY, BBC4, 10PM Sharon Osbourne: The Dodgiest Deals In Rock 'n' Roll Sharon, left, Ozzy's wife and ex-manager, looks at music's biggest rip-offs, including Little Richard's half-a-cent per record for Tutti Frutti.
Loyal workers no more wish to be summoned to meetings to be told they're on the dole than this spiv wants to be grilled by MPs on Wednesday about the dodgiest of high street deals.
Dodgiest decision There have been plenty of bad calls on and off the pitch in the season just gone.
ONLINE After Messi has a short back and sides, don't miss our feature on football's dodgiest haircuts log on to
A Teesside pub team has bagged itself a national football title - for wearing the dodgiest kit in Britain.
The 10 categories are: Player of the Year; Manager of the Year; 11-a-side Team of the Year; 5-a-side Team of the Year; Administrator of the Year; Referee of the Year; Supporter of the Year; Pub Football Website of the Year; Dodgiest Kit Award; Team Spirit Award; Pub Football Legend Award - Services to Football.
But strangely they remained light on details when asked simple questions such as: What's the dodgiest thing you've ever bought from under the counter?
But after becoming president of the Splitscreen Volkswagen Club (SVC), Nigel was ribbed at having one of the dodgiest vans on the VW circuit.
THE WORLD'S biggest encyclo- paedia now has an entry about Ireland's dodgiest citizens.
no-one has much faith in intelligence services any more, which is pretty fair since the information they serve up seems to be of the sort that would put the dodgiest telephone tipster straight out of business.
Her accent - it's the dodgiest one I've heard since 'Allo 'Allo was on the telly.
Alarm bells were clanging when I saw it was a Grade H hurdle race for some of the dodgiest dogs you ever saw.