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a bit dodgy

Appearing to be somewhat unsafe or dangerous; dubious; risky. This car looks a bit dodgy to drive in traffic. I don't think we should stay, the crowd in this bar seems a bit dodgy. The way the politicians run the country seems a bit dodgy to me.
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dodgy deal

An agreement, arrangement, or business transaction that is or is suspected of being risky, dubious, dishonest, or corrupt in some way. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland. He was ultimately fined for the dodgy deal, which saw his company reap the rewards of large-scale investments without any tax burden.
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The plot - which, to be fair, is thinner than the paper Agnes Brown wraps her cucumbers in - sees the heroic battleaxe fighting off attempts by a dodgy politician and even dodgier Russians to shut down her market stall on Dublin's iconic Moore Street.
That said however, they've been dodgier than a late night kebab at the back and I'll be shocked if they manage to shut out a Newcastle side who like to throw caution to the wind.
Yes, unbelievably, in churches round then world you'll find enough splinters from the "true cross" to build another Noah's Ark, an even dodgier relic they're still looking for.
EMMERDALE (7pm and 8pm ITV1) ROBBIE seizes his chance to get even with Debbie lying that she was responsible for diluting the dodgy vodka with something even dodgier.
The Northern Ireland peace process was far from stable when I rolled up at the guesthouse in a dodgy taxi with an even dodgier driver.
And it seems she'll soon be consorting with even dodgier characters.
He may not be the greatest putter in the world but principal market rival Y-E Yang is even dodgier on the shorter ones and third favourite Ryo Ishikawa is still inconsistent at top level.
and even dodgier hairstyle' And after a busy first day getting to grips with social networking, Savage ended with this post shortly before 11pm: "In bed, been enjoyable first day tweeting - got to go, my wife has just got in.
Inevitably, Liverpool fans were moaning about Webb, happily ignoring their first goal at Hull which came from an even dodgier free-kick.
For those who don't know the difference, the serial type is usually dodgier.
Apparently my dodgy memory had become even dodgier.
Even for his dodgy haircut and even dodgier dress sense.
But actually the leek outfit was quite dodgy, even dodgier than the daffodil.
There's even reason to be optimistic about some of the season's dodgier offerings, if only because of who's behind the camera.
With Ashley Cole looking dodgier than a swift half at the Kabul Hippodrome and Graeme Le Saux seemingly out of favour, surely there's room for experimentation in this position?