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a bit dodgy

Appearing to be somewhat unsafe or dangerous; dubious; risky. This car looks a bit dodgy to drive in traffic. I don't think we should stay, the crowd in this bar seems a bit dodgy. The way the politicians run the country seems a bit dodgy to me.
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dodgy deal

An agreement, arrangement, or business transaction that is or is suspected of being risky, dubious, dishonest, or corrupt in some way. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland. He was ultimately fined for the dodgy deal, which saw his company reap the rewards of large-scale investments without any tax burden.
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This turns out to have contracted demand worldwide, making these new assets dodgier than the last lot.
Some argue that too much interference in their affairs will drive money, including legitimate funds, to much dodgier places.
All of which certainly did nothing to ease the not inconsiderable weight already resting on the shoulders of DI Alec Hardy, played by David Tennant Both a physical and emotional wreck to begin with (dodgy ticker, dodgier past) you feel like Tennant's copper has more skeletons in his closet than the stock room at the Natural History Museum.
The Mill C4, 8PM Expenses scandals aside, 19th century politicians were even dodgier than now.
Blimey, sounds like one of the Tory T Party's dodgier donors.
There's nothing dodgier than watching your neighbour launch a firecracker off his wheelie bin.
EMMERDALE (7pm and 8pm ITV1) ROBBIE seizes his chance to get even with Debbie, right, tonight when he lies that she was personally responsible for diluting the dodgy vodka with something even dodgier.
EMMERDALE (7pm and 8pm ITV1) ROBBIE seizes his chance to get even with Debbie lying that she was responsible for diluting the dodgy vodka with something even dodgier.
While he fronts the legitimate side of the family firm, it's left to his sons Cal (Paul Nicholls) and Matty (Harry Lloyd) to run the dodgier side of the enterprise.
And they're still selling details of crash victims to even dodgier ambulance-chasing law firms.
The weather forecast could hardly be dodgier and Tseng's physical strength - top American Cristie Kerr says enviously: "Yani hits it like a guy" - could well be a key factor as her average drive, 271 yards, is only a yard or two behind the No.
A laboured character study alternative to Essential Killing, another fugitive movie reviewed this week, Tracker features some barmy barnets and even dodgier facial fuzz.
I love the dodgier versions of Liverpool history like the mythology of the Liver Birds and Hitler's time as a waiter at the Adelphi Hotel.
Even for his dodgy haircut and even dodgier dress sense.
It's a sad sign of the times for the profession that youths who once spent their days nicking radio/cassette players from Fiestas in dodgier parts of town are now taking the flagstones from under our feet.