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dodge a bullet

To narrowly avoid something or some situation that turns out to be undesirable, disastrous, dangerous, or otherwise harmful. A: "I heard that John has become a drug addict and is living out of his car. Didn't you two used to date?" B: "Yeah, but we broke up about five years ago. Looks like I dodged a bullet on that one." I really dodged the bullet when my exam was postponed to next week, as I hadn't studied for it at all!
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get (the hell) out of Dodge

To leave or depart from a place, especially quickly or with marked urgency. A reference to Dodge City, Kansas, the clichéd setting of cowboy and western films from the early to mid-1900s. It looks like things are getting pretty tense in here, let's get out of Dodge! With our creditors becoming increasingly aggressive, we decided to just get the hell out of Dodge and leave it all behind.
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dodge the column

shirk your duty; avoid work. British informal
Column is a military term which refers to the usual formation of troops for marching.
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n. a swindle; a scam; a deception. What sort of dodge did you get flimflammed with?

get out of Dodge

in. to leave a place. (Refers to Dodge City, Kansas, and a cliché from Western entertainment adventures about this town.) Things are looking bad here. It’s time to get out of Dodge.
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