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in the dock

1. On trial in a court, especially for a criminal case. The once all-powerful executive has been in the dock for the past month over allegations of money laundering within his company.
2. Subjected to intense scrutiny or examination. John found himself in the dock after his wife caught him having an affair with another woman.
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dock (something) from (something)

To take money one has earned from one's pay. If you come in late again, I'll have to dock the time from your paycheck.
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dock something from something

to withhold money from an amount due to someone. I will have to dock this from your paycheck. The boss docked ten dollars from my monthly pay.
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in the dock

On trial, especially in a criminal case. For example, The accused stood in the dock through the entire proceeding. This expression employs dock in the sense of "an enclosed place for the defendant in a court of law," a usage dating from the late 1500s, and is used even in American courts where no such enclosure exists.
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in dock

1 (of a ship) moored in a dock. 2 (of a person) not fully fit and out of action. British informal 3 (of a vehicle) in a garage for repairs.
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in the dock

under investigation or scrutiny for suspected wrongdoing or harm caused. British
In a court of law, the dock is the enclosure where the defendant stands during a trial.
1995 Times For once, Britain was not in the dock as others took the heat.
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put somebody in the ˈdock

accuse somebody of doing something wrong: The government is being put in the dock for failing to warn the public about the flu epidemic.
The dock in a court of law is the place where the person who has been accused of a crime stands or sits during a trial.
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