dock from

dock (something) from (something)

To take money one has earned from one's pay. If you come in late again, I'll have to dock the time from your paycheck.
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dock something from something

to withhold money from an amount due to someone. I will have to dock this from your paycheck. The boss docked ten dollars from my monthly pay.
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References in classic literature ?
"Captain Granet, Ralph promised that there should be a pinnace at number seven dock from one until three."
Now the dock's owner, Gower Street Estates, has revealed plans to improve its "Northern Gateway" - the main approach to the Dock from The Strand, along Salthouse Quay.
Summary: A dock from the Japanese tsunami has washed up on the Washington coast.
One Alabama poultry processor credits their impactable dock doors for preventing the dock from becoming an ice rink in winter.
Acting as a barrier to separate the inside dock from the rest of the facility, the system eliminates the need to heat or cool space accessed by trucks.
A Tees Valley regeneration spokeswoman said: "Mr Lane has already received a great deal of information on Middlehaven Dock from both English Partnerships and the Environment Agency, over a long period of time - including full access to the results of many tests which were carried out by experts during and after the reclamation work.
The move will reduce the depth of Princes Half Tide Dock from the current 8m to just 2m.
Also, seafood cargo unloaded fresh at the Dutch Harbor dock from the fishing boats and processors can be taken on as freight by vessels bound for the Orient or the West Coast.
A new online app is also set to be launched, allowing users to leave their memories of the dock from both before and after the redevelopment and share them through social media.
British Waterways will also build a floating stage on Salthouse Dock from spring to get the noise of concerts away from residents.
There's also a potential hazard at the dock from trailer rigs with air- ride suspensions-when the driver fails to release air from the suspension system once he has spotted the vehicle.