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slang A walk-in center where medical professionals treat non-emergent injuries and illnesses. I don't know why my leg is hurting, but I'm going to go to the docs-in-a-box and get it x-rayed. After my daughter fell and cut herself, she got a few stitches at the doc-in-a-box

What's up, doc?

Cliché What's happening around here?; What are you doing? Your bike's spread out all over the garage. What's up, Doc?


n. a walk-in emergency health care center, as found in shopping centers. (see also McDoctor(s).) I was cut and went immediately to the docs-in-a-box in the mall.



What’s up doc?

interrog. What is happening here? What’s up doc? How’re things going?
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Doc and I took off to deep water in search of a shoal of super-sized fish.
"I suppose there could be giant walleyes hugging the bottom," Doc said, "or pike hiding in crevasses, but I can't see them."
Although he does not believe in the ways of traditional politics, Doc Willie explained he must enlist with a political party that is recognized by the Commission on Elections (Comelec).
Moreover, Doc Willie cited, his inspiration to join the Lakas-CMD was the late, Dr.
DOC composition of BC is affected by the processing conditions (e.g., pyrolysis temperature) selected for producing BC (Trompowsky et al.
Doc and Louisa (Caroline Catz) have saved their marriage
Overall, we find that spike-in dramatically salvages TRs with initial poor DOC in a clinical MPS gene panel.
Natalie Elisabeth Battles, a toddler who lives with her family in Little Rock, Arkansas, is so taken with Doc McStuffins that she sometimes wears a doctor's coat to preschool.
Once staff learned who was looking at what, we decided to post more controversial items about news like drug busts and cold case escapes from the DOC's "wanted" page.
A key figure in the University of the Philippines-Ateneo-De La Salle University consortium, Doc Mara was the adviser of many mathematicians now well known in their fields.
DOC (Producing more vegetables): And the potatoes are absolutely perfect.
The CleanAIR Systems ASSURE DOC (CleanAIR Catalyst) for diesel engines is a flow-through catalyst designed to reduce CO, HC and DPM.
Charlie was one of Doc's students, back at the medical school in Richmond.
Best known for his lightning-fast and precise flat-picking of traditional fiddle tunes, Doc was in fact a performer of great range and eclectic taste.
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