do the honours

do the honors

To act as a host. Why don't you do the honors and greet people at the door? I'll take their coats.
See also: honor

do the honours

1 perform a social duty or small ceremony for others. 2 perform a particular function that is central to the proceedings. informal humorous
2 2007 David Kynaston A World to Build Two men were hanged at Pentonville, with the lugubrious Albert Pierrepoint doing the honours.
See also: honour

do the ˈhonours

(often humorous) perform a social duty or ceremony, such as pouring drinks, making a speech, etc: Harry, could you do the honours? Tom and Angela both want gin and tonic.His father was ill, so Charles did the honours with the welcome speech.
See also: honour
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AFTER helping turn Christmas lights on right around the country in the last couple of weeks, it was time for North East X Factor hopeful Lola Saunders to do the honours a bit closer to home.
When I was fortunate enough to attend the Super Bowl in 2005 I was hoping for a megastar to do the honours, previous performers having included Carey, Knowles, Manilow, Ross and Diamond, but was mildly dismayed to see the combined choir of the US forces doing the honours.
If someone was getting married at Hotton Register Office then I'd go back and do the honours.
The player will be in Grey Street to do the honours at the event, supported by Capital FM breakfast show hosts Bodg, Matt and JoJo.
The motorcycling masterchefs hope to cook up a festive atmosphere when they do the honours.
The Magpies' long-serving shot-stopper will do the honours in this year's ceremony to kick off the festive season.