do something out of turn

out of turn

1. Not in the correct order. Hey, you can't go out of turn—get behind the rest of us who have been waiting in line!
2. In an impudent manner or with inappropriate timing. This usage usually refers to someone speaking in such a way. I hope I'm not talking out of turn, but I think we'd see a higher profit margin if we took better care of our employees' benefits.
See also: of, out, turn

do something out of ˈturn

1 do something when you have no right to do it because another person should have done it before you; not in the correct order: There was an argument in the doctor’s waiting room because somebody had gone in to see him out of turn.
2 say or do something that you should not say because you have no right to or because it’s not the right time or place to say it: It is not the first time that Julia has said something out of turn.I apologize if I’ve spoken out of turn.
See also: of, out, something, turn
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