do something in a big/small way

in a big way

In a significant way or to a marked extent. Boy, he really messed up this report in a big way—it'll take me all day to fix it.
See also: big, way

in a small way

In an way that is not elaborate or significant. She doesn't want to have a big birthday party, so we're just going to celebrate in a small way this weekend.
See also: small, way

do something in a big/small ˈway

do something to a great/small extent; do something on a large/small scale: He’s got himself into debt in a big way.She collects antiques in a small way.
See also: big, small, something, way
References in classic literature ?
Now you go into the parlor, and I'll send `em down to you," with which somewhat involved reply Hannah vanished, chuckling ecstatically.
cried Magdalen, her clear young voice ringing through the conservatory like a bell; her loose sleeves falling back and showing her round white arms to the dimpled elbows, as she clapped her hands ecstatically in the air.
cried Smilash, ecstatically breaking into the outrageous dialect he had forgotten in his wrath.
My fancies have not deceived me--I love you ecstatically, diabolically, as a madman might
She walks about in it as if it were a blooming park, a Garden of Eden; and when she sees 'This is genteel,' or 'This is improper,' written on a mile-stone she stops ecstatically, as if she were listening to a nightingale or smelling a rose.
Welland; and slightly withdrawn behind these brocaded matrons sat a young girl in white with eyes ecstatically fixed on the stagelovers.
You see, Miss Denison," I continued ecstatically, "our rough old diamond of a skipper is the right man in the right place after all.
said Sonya, looking ecstatically and earnestly at her friend as if she did not consider her worthy to hear what she meant to say and as if she were saying it to someone else, with whom joking was out of the question, "I am in love with your brother once for all and, whatever may happen to him or to me, shall never cease to love him as long as I live.
Suddenly the right phrase or the penetrating point of view would suggest itself, and she would drop her duster and write ecstatically for a few breathless moments; and then the mood would pass away, and the duster would be sought for, and the old books polished again.
Next comes Nibs, the gay and debonair, followed by Slightly, who cuts whistles out of the trees and dances ecstatically to his own tunes.
But even when she had seen the boat and exclaimed ecstatically over its loveliness, she still talked tremblingly about her mother.
Little did I think the day would ever come when I'd be glad of the sight of a Sloane," said Priscilla, as they crossed the campus, "but I'd welcome Charlie's goggle eyes almost ecstatically.
Lady Ruth's maid stepped back and surveyed her mistress ecstatically.
Billy Rawlins closed with the wager, and Bettles hugged Kearns ecstatically.
He did not want to play with the mate a game that he ecstatically played with Skipper, because he had experienced no similar liking for the mate, two-legged white-god that he was.
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