do something for somebody/something

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do something for (someone or something)

To improve someone or something's appearance; to cause someone or something to look more attractive. Oh, that dress does something for you—you look beautiful!
See also: something

ˈdo something for somebody/something

(informal) make somebody/something look better: You know, that hat really does something for you!
See also: somebody, something
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She said, "Each and every day, do something for NCMA."
"I said, 'I don't know how I can thank you,' and he replied 'I just wanted to do something for you.'" Restaurant owner Rick Newcomb told the Patriot-Ledger: "It says a lot for her, what a nice person she is, and what a nice person he is to be doing something like that."
When asked to do something for Visionaire, they put a lot of effort into it because they have the freedom.
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