do a number on something

do a number on (someone or something)

1. To hurt or harm someone or something. Considering her pessimism toward marriage, her last break-up must have really done a number on her. Ugh, your puppy did a number on my new shoes—they're completely chewed up!
2. To urinate or defecate on something. My cat used to always use her litter box, but she regularly does a number on the floor, unfortunately.
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do a ˈnumber on somebody/something

(informal, especially American English) hurt, damage or criticize somebody/something seriously: Sun and pollution can really do a number on your skin.To the delight of Republicans, the press did a number on your senator (= criticized him severely).
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do a number on something

1. tv. to urinate or defecate on something. Billy did a number on the bathroom floor.
2. tv. to damage or ruin something; to destroy something. The truck really did a number on my car.
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