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dizzy heights


dizzying heights

1. You use dizzy heights or dizzying heights to talk about a very high level of success. She had first known such dizzy heights in the 1960's when she became one of the top exponents of black American music. She was a poor girl propelled to the dizzying heights of fame by a group of powerful agents. Note: This expression is sometimes used ironically to say that someone has not achieved very much at all. After three and a half years, I had reached the dizzy heights of assistant account handler.
2. You use dizzy heights or dizzying heights to talk about a very high amount or level of something. The Dow Jones has scaled the dizzy heights to reach 10,000. The cost of oil imports reached dizzying heights before falling back and rising again in 1990. Note: This expression is sometimes used ironically to say that something is not at a very high level. The meat content of the pie can soar to the dizzy heights of 25 per cent.
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mod. stupid; scatterbrained. Who is that dizzy dame?
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THE Hobbit is making film fans feel queasy because of its dizzying, double-speed 3D technology.
Another said: "My eyes cannot take everything in, it's dizzying.
Summary: General Motors says its fourth-quarter net profit nearly doubled as it made a dizzying array of accounting moves due to tax credits and devaluing European assets.
A flurry of recent research indicating that Vitamin D may have a dizzying array of health benefits has reignited an intense debate over whether federal guidelines for the 'sunshine vitamin' are outdated.
Cliches of Jews and Others,' uses a dizzying array of objects and images to plumb our collective unconscious.
No stranger to adversity, [Senator Clinton] rebounded from a dizzying array of betrayals and humiliations .
Publications such as Elan, Azizah, and lslamica cater to a dizzying array of demographic groups within the community .
Politicians have floated a dizzying array of proposals and counterproposals that could change that.
But head brewer Peter Bouckaert, who is Belgian and worked at the famous Rodenbach brewery there, makes a dizzying array of seasonal beers and one-off specials.
The Edinburgh Festival Fringe simultaneously offers such a dizzying selection of theater, dance, and music events that it would take over five years to see each performance back-to-back.
Featuring a foreward by bestselling author Karen Joy Fowler and an afterword to each individual tale by award-winning author John Kessel, Attack Of The Jazz Giants And Other Stories is a dazzling compilation that takes the reader on a dizzying journey through fractured time and space.
Just like when your hand releases the slingshot's rubber band to send an object flying, the energy of motion launches the stretchy tongue at a dizzying speed.
Just like when your hand releases a slingshot's rubber band to send an object flying,--energy launches the chameleon's tongue forward at a dizzying speed.