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dizzy heights


dizzying heights

1. You use dizzy heights or dizzying heights to talk about a very high level of success. She had first known such dizzy heights in the 1960's when she became one of the top exponents of black American music. She was a poor girl propelled to the dizzying heights of fame by a group of powerful agents. Note: This expression is sometimes used ironically to say that someone has not achieved very much at all. After three and a half years, I had reached the dizzy heights of assistant account handler.
2. You use dizzy heights or dizzying heights to talk about a very high amount or level of something. The Dow Jones has scaled the dizzy heights to reach 10,000. The cost of oil imports reached dizzying heights before falling back and rising again in 1990. Note: This expression is sometimes used ironically to say that something is not at a very high level. The meat content of the pie can soar to the dizzy heights of 25 per cent.
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mod. stupid; scatterbrained. Who is that dizzy dame?
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Boston power-pop trio Huxster has a way of digging in deep on its power chords and hooks, creating dizzily catchy rock 'n' roll.
I swayed dizzily and threw up all over the counter.
The color C-prints each feature a black background, dizzily broken by spectral, symmetrical forms in nearly fluorescent hues.
Apropos of life in Rome, his tempo veers dizzily between relaxed and accelerando, more often in the latter lane, propelled by buoyant Italian pop hits like the kick off, "Volare.
And guess which of the two, assistant or browser, was wearing dizzily high heels in glorious technicolour with a touch of glitter and the kind of multi-way ankle straps that I'd have insisted on if only for safety not glamour.
Some have an identical bullet wound to Ray's, who staggers through all these, dizzily, horrified.
Back in Hug's office, the ball of the blue dot again hovers dizzily near the edge of the table.
At pounds 525 it's a resounding bargain and will pay for itself in bumper repairs, not to mention losing the stress of looping dizzily around town centres to find a space you can fit into.
Aleksandra Mitevska from Utrinski vesnik analyzes that after the opposi-tion's boycott Macedonia is dizzily heading towards a political crisis.
Nash's consolations dizzily oxymoronic: "sad/happy,"
The earth appeared to collapse under Carlo's feet; Via di Torpignattara stretched dizzily to infinity; in the opposite direction, in the background, Via Casilina appeared and, behind it, endless masses of apartment buildings and tracts crowded with the hovels of the poor, along with vacant lots or hollows and the glittering blade of a ditch; everything was turning white and formless [.
There were the three lithe contortionists that drew gasps from the audience; the double highwire boys who danced across a thin wire high above the floor; a unicycle duo who defied gravity; the Wheel of Death pair that caused screams of concern as they spun dizzily through the air; a fantastic juggler that made it all look easy; and Lee Thompson, pickpocket extraordinaire, who had to be watched closely at the after party held on the Santa Monica Pier.
As the eyes of the cricketing world shifted dizzily from Birmingham to Leeds, there was more than just the outcome of the Fourth Test - and, of course, the Ashes - at stake.
Honing their musical skills hundreds of gigs over the last few years, " electric, effective, dizzily live show has seen the tour and play in 12 countries.