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dizzy heights


dizzying heights

1. You use dizzy heights or dizzying heights to talk about a very high level of success. She had first known such dizzy heights in the 1960's when she became one of the top exponents of black American music. She was a poor girl propelled to the dizzying heights of fame by a group of powerful agents. Note: This expression is sometimes used ironically to say that someone has not achieved very much at all. After three and a half years, I had reached the dizzy heights of assistant account handler.
2. You use dizzy heights or dizzying heights to talk about a very high amount or level of something. The Dow Jones has scaled the dizzy heights to reach 10,000. The cost of oil imports reached dizzying heights before falling back and rising again in 1990. Note: This expression is sometimes used ironically to say that something is not at a very high level. The meat content of the pie can soar to the dizzy heights of 25 per cent.
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mod. stupid; scatterbrained. Who is that dizzy dame?
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There's a manege at the end of it--two circles around--and I've never been dizzier in my life.
Round and round we go, getting dizzier and dizzier, wondering when all this will end.
They have bite and attitude to scare away dizzier girl bands with sweet and girlie vocals that have a bit of menace.
She was getting dizzier and started sweating profusely and her vision became blurred.
His follow-up Kung Fu Hustle punches, kicks, pirouettes and somersaults to even dizzier heights, boasting more outrageous stunts, eye-popping special effects and uproarious comic interludes.
Radostin Kishishev left the field dizzier than a Stringfellows blonde after being spun senseless by a most bizarre performance from Cristiano Ronaldo.
NOT content with winning the hearts of a nation with his latest album Dry Land, Dubliner Alan Kelly aka The Last Post will be soaring to even dizzier heights on Hallowe'en night.
And Tsui pulls off enough genuine staging coups here - such as an explosion from the blasting bomb's point of view, or an x-ray of a pistol's inner workings from the perspective of a guy staring down its barrel - to make his dizzier flourishes play like exercises in lily-gilding.
Whether this will lead to the death of literature as an object of serious study, provoke some draconian or Leavisite backlash, or spur us on to dizzier heights, only time and the press will tell.
Which makes you dizzier, spinning with your eyes open or closed?
I had my imaginary abyss, which broadened immeasurably and became ten times dizzier when I had a hangover.
And if this trend continues, growth of adult incontinence products is likely to reach even dizzier heights in 1990.
SOME gamers savour racing realism but Asphalt 8 asks you to forget about all that nonsense and embrace the over-the-top on-track action that rewards outrageous jumps, skids, swerves and shunts with even more in-car firepower, propelling your vehicle to even dizzier high-speed high-jinks.