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to err is human (to forgive is divine)

proverb Being fallible and making mistakes is inherent to being a human, and forgiving such mistakes is a transcendent act. I know you're mad at your brother because he lied, but to err is human, you know. To forgive is divine.
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to err is human, to forgive divine

it is human nature to make mistakes yourself while finding it hard to forgive others. proverb
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The Water Diviner and Other Stories investigates many aspects of Sri Lankan culture, including the long-term effects of colonialism, ethnic and religious differences, caste and class systems, colorism, racism, immigration, and more.
The client is not a passive actor of the interpretation made by the diviner. In a discursive relationship, the listener perceives and comprehends the meaning of the discourse, while at the same time taking an active posture of response: he or she agrees, totally or partially, complements, applies, and prepares for an action (34).
During the eclipse, lasting just over an hour, only Diviner keeps its eye on the moon, fulfilling a purpose totally outside the scope of its original design.
Having presented them as great people with great power, the author then turns around to show where they seek protection and security--from diviners, living in the periphery of cities and in remote villages.
This year, the festival will open with Russell Crowe's directorial debut, "The Water Diviner," which takes place in the aftermath of the WWI battle of Gallipoli in Turkey; the fest closes with the world premiere of "No Stranger Than Love," starring Colin Hanks and Alison Brie.
For example, SAA 8 409, a report from the celestial diviner Rasili, notes an omen associated with the auspicious beginning of a month:
Diviner 2000; Sentek Technologies Pty Ltd 2003) the volumetric water content ([[theta].sub.v]) is determined by measuring the resonant frequency, which changes with the apparent permittivity of the soil (Buss 1993; Paltineanu and Starr 1997).
These accounts also give information on how the closest equivalent to the US mental health profession in their nation interacts with other local counseling professions such as nurse, priest/lay counselor, traditional physician, shaman, family/community leader, diviner, or social worker.
In southern Africa there are two main types of traditional practitioners: the herbalist (Zulu inyanga; Xhosa ixhwele; Tsonga nyanga; Sotho ngaka) and the diviner (Zulu isangoma; Xhosa igqirha lokuvumisa; Tsonga mungome; Sotho selaodi).
LRO's Diviner instrument will record how quickly targeted areas on the moon's dayside cool off during the eclipse.
Three Jurors' Choice Awards, each worth SGD 10,000, went to Daniel Crooks from Australia for Static No.12 (seek stillness in movement), Sheba Chhachhi from India for The Water Diviner, and Aida Makoto from Japan for Ash Color Mountains.
Eddy also wrote: "God has built a higher platform of human rights, and He has built it on diviner claims.
In the song "Religious Celebration" (Fiesta Religion), Alex asks a diviner if his dreams will come true: